2,012 clash with menu

by lindark

2,014 Juicebox Error: Config XML file not found.

by Dave The Drummer

2,015 Thumbnail Effect

by GilR

2,017 Image colors slightly faded

by stormdesign

2,018 choppy slider

by captureme

2,020 Browser address bar..

by simonjacobs

2,021 rotating six sided machine nut

by jcarlson

2,024 config XML file missing

by christr

2,026 Thumbnails Disapear in IE 8

by michael

2,028 image link mailto

by william-e

2,029 multi-site upgrade?

by peter

2,031 Centering a gallery

by fhammond

2,032 Blackberry

by mootzit

2,036 can I use my own thumbnails?

by bhakti_lk

2,038 Setting preset as default

by ltinus

2,039 Multiple Galleries

by Tibofr23

2,040 Missing config-options

by jefvhal