Juicebox 1.4.4 Released

We recently updated Juicebox to version 1.4.4. Caption backgrounds now default to a smooth transparent gradient which integrates text seamlessly into the image. Juicebox’s built-in SEO has been improved by copying image titles into image alt tags. We also fixed multiple issues related to updates in various browsers and mobile OSes. Check out the full change log.

Gradient Captions

Seamless Gradient Caption Background

As always, Juicebox-Pro upgrades are free within the same major version number. Check here for upgrade information. Juicebox-Lite users can get the update here. Please report any issues in the support forum. Plugins and templates have been updated.

2 thoughts on “Juicebox 1.4.4 Released

  1. I have Juicebox Pro ( and use it to build webpages to show my hula photos. Many names and organizations use the apostrophe and the vowel with a straight line above the character and are in fact essential to the understanding of the word.
    I read your answer about using the apostrophe and how it wasn’t supported (without doing some coding that I’m incapable of doing).
    May I suggest that you include this capability with apostrophes, etc. in your next update?
    Here’s the URL for a test page I did. Since the title included these characters you can see what my problem is:

    Thank your for taking this suggestion.

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