Juicebox Features

Juicebox is a complete web image gallery solution. Use Juicebox to add fully featured image galleries to your website, with no coding required.

View a complete list of Juicebox features below, or take a tour of the Juicebox gallery and JuiceboxBuilder.

Juicebox-Lite Core Features

  • Universal Playback

    Juicebox is designed and tested to run everywhere; displays on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android.

  • Responsive Layout

    Juicebox has a resizable interface, which adapts to the browser size. Gallery UI adapts to fit any size screen.

  • JuiceboxBuilder

    Use the included JuiceboxBuilder desktop app for quick and easy gallery building. Runs on Windows and Mac.

  • WordPress, Lightroom & Photoshop Support

    Build galleries with WordPress, Lightroom, PhotoShop, NextGen and more, using our free plugins.

  • Light & Fast

    Juicebox is lightweight and fast to load, giving your users a great viewing experience. Smart image pre-loading means images display faster.

  • Flickr Support

    With Juicebox, images may be loaded locally or directly from Flickr.

  • Easy Embedding

    Easily add Juicebox galleries to your website; just copy and paste the generated embed code and upload the files to your website.

  • Automatic Thumbnails

    JuiceboxBuilder automatically creates the required thumbnail versions of your images.

  • jQuery Compatible

    Juicebox is built with jQuery and is compatible with all versions of jQuery and other JavaScript frameworks.

  • Right Click Protection

    Protect your images from easy downloading via mouse right click.

  • Vector Icons

    Juicebox uses vector icons to provide pin-point sharpness at any screen density, including Retina displays.

Juicebox-Pro Exclusive Features

  • No Branding

    Use Juicebox-Pro free of any branding or download link for seamless integration into your site.

  • Amazing Customization

    Take advantage of over 100 exclusive Pro configuration options.

  • Search Engine Optimized

    Automatically add search engine indexible content and Open Graph tags so gallery text and images display in search results.

  • Shopping Cart

    Sell your images directly in the gallery with a built in shopping cart.

  • Multi-Size Image Support

    JuiceboxBuilder-Pro will automatically create multiple sizes of your images and select the best size to serve based on the user's screen size.

  • Unlimited Images

    Display an unlimited number of images and galleries (500 image maximum for Flickr galleries).

  • Password Protection

    Easily add password protection to Juicebox galleries.

  • Watermarking

    JuiceboxBuilder-Pro can composite watermarks directly into the image. Choose watermark location.

  • Music

    Add audio playback to your gallery. Configure audio looping and auto-start.

  • Direct Linking & Back Button Support

    Link directly to a specific image and use the browser back button to navigate images.

  • Smart AutoPlay

    Use AutoPlay to view your gallery hands-free. Autoplay waits until images are fully loaded.

  • Randomize Image Order

    You're not limited to a linear display with Juicebox-Pro's randomized image display.

  • Download Button

    Add a optional button to directly download images from the browser.

  • Advanced Theming

    Fine-tune gallery look and feel by editing the theme CSS files. Support for customized button icons.

  • JavaScript API

    The Juicebox-Pro API allows you to control and interact with Juicebox via a simple JavaScript Interface.

  • Priority Support

    Get priority customer support via email and the support forum for 2 years after initial purchase.

  • One-Time Purchase

    A one-time payment with free updates and no monthly fees works out much cheaper than the equivalent hosted image gallery solution.