Showkase 1.5.0 Released

We continue to improve Showkase, our complete image gallery website solution. Hot off the press is v1.5.0. Check the version history for a complete list of improvements since the last version. Specifically there are 2 updates we want to call out here:

ListViewer Gallery Split Layout

ListViewer is one of the 3 Image Gallery types built into Showkase. ListViewer is a simple, clean vertical scrolling page of images and optional captions. We added a new Split layout which allows you to show images and captions side-by-side in the list. This is good for galleries with lots of text. We also made it easier to add longer image captions in the Admin UI. Check out an example ListViewer Split Layout.


ListViewer Split Layout

Redesigned Pages Screen

The ‘Pages’ Screen is where you create and organize the pages and galleries in your Showkase website. We have rebuilt the Pages Menu to make it a lot easier to re-order, delete and recover pages. You can now Drag-and-Drop pages for easy resorting. Check out the new Pages Screen via the Showkase Admin Demo.


Pages Screen Drag and Drop

As always, Showkase upgrades are free within the same major version number. CheckĀ here for upgrade information. Please report any issues in theĀ support forum.

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