Note that Password Protection requires PHP on the web server. Check requirements below.

Enabling Password Protection

To password protect a Juicebox gallery, do the following:

  • Set the 'usePassword' config option to true.
  • For password protected galleries, we recommend unchecking the 'Add SEO Content' option in JuiceboxBuilder-Pro. This prevents gallery content being visible when Javascript is disabled.
  • Optionally set the 'rememberPassword' config option. If rememberPassword is true, users do not need to re-enter a password during the same browser session.
  • To modify gallery passwords, recovery email address or dialog text, locate and open the jbcore/pswd.php file in the gallery folder. This file can be opened and edited in any text editor software (e.g. Notepad, TextEdit).

    • Enter 1 or more passwords into the $passwords array, surrounded by quotes.
    • Enter a password recovery email in the $passwordRecoveryEmail text,
    • To modify the default password dialog text, edit the $formText text array.
  • Upload your gallery as normal to your webserver, and password protection will be enabled.
  • Note that password protection only works on a webserver. Galleries will not be protected when viewed locally or in JuiceboxBuilder.
  • To translate the 'Password' text prompt and 'Incorrect Password' error message, use the LanguageList option.

Password Demo

View an example password protected Juicebox gallery. Password is 'juicebox'. All form text is customizable.

Juicebox Password protection Dialog
Default Password Protection Dialog.

Password Protection Requirements

Password Protection require PHP version 5.2 (or higher) to be running on the web server where the gallery is hosted. The vast majority of web servers run this version of PHP. To find out which version of PHP your server runs, please check with your web server tech support, or follow these instructions.