Topic: New Mac running OS 12.0.1

Does anyone know if Juicebox runs on the latest Mac running OS Monterey. It doesn't work for me! Thanks.

Re: New Mac running OS 12.0.1

As far as I am aware, it should work OK.
JuiceboxBuilder-Pro is a 64-bit application on a Mac so there should be no issues in that regard (i.e. with 32-bit applications no longer being supported).

If you are using an M1 Mac, please try the suggestion here: … 104#p18104

Also, check out the Known Issues on the AIR download page ( as the Known Issue relating to the Encrypted Local Store is relevant to JuiceboxBuilder-Pro on a Mac.

If none of the above helps, please let me know more about the problem that you are experiencing and I might be able to help further.
Is the problem with installing AIR and/or JuiceboxBuilder-Pro or are you able to install both programs OK but are unable to run JuiceboxBuilder-Pro afterwards?
Do you encounter any error messages along the way? If so, what do they say.

I've heard of one Mac user who was unable to run JuiceboxBuilder-Pro under their regular user account but it worked after creating a new administrator user account and installing JuiceboxBuilder-Pro under the new user profile so this might be worth trying, too.