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When I run the Air package, Air gives an error: The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author.

I've downloaded a couple times and it extracts fine.

Re: Won't install on Windows

If this works, then it's exactly what I need and I'll buy it. But we're not off to a good start...

Re: Won't install on Windows

Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with the latest version of AIR (v33.1.1.444).
I reported the problem to Harman earlier today and they have confirmed that there is a problem with the current Windows installer.
For reference, here is my report to Harman: … ssions/788

Hopefully they will be able to fix the problem soon but, in the meantime, a suitable workaround is as follows:

(1) Uninstall Adobe AIR. If you cannot uninstall Adobe AIR via the Control Panel, then delete the following folder manually:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe AIR

(2) Download and install the previous version of AIR (v33.1.1.385).
Harman do not make previous versions available for download but you can still download it from here:
The file from is the official Harman release of AIR v33.1.1.385 (genuine, clean and safe to use).
I found the SHA256 hash for the 'AdobeAIR.exe' v33.1.1.385 file on a Harman web page archived by (search for "" and select the page dated 26 January 2021) and it matches the SHA256 hash of the file from

Sorry for the inconvenience but this should work fine until Harman releases a new AIR runtime for Windows.

Re: Won't install on Windows

In a comment from a Harman GitHub Issues topic a couple of hours ago, A J W Frost (Harman staff) released a link to a web page containing Windows AIR runtime installers for v33.1.1.385 (the previous version) and v33.1.1.476 (the next version).

You can now download v33.1.1.385 directly from Harman (without relying on software mirror sites) and you can also download v33.1.1.476 if you like.
v33.1.1.476 has not officially been released yet (v33.1.1.444 is still available on their regular download page) and I cannot be certain that this is the version that will eventually be released but I have tested it myself (via a clean install and upgrading over v33.1.1.385) and it seems to work fine.


Issues topic: … -833331811
AIR runtime links (v33.1.1.385 and v33.1.1.476): … oGVLJ9CpSN
Harman AIR runtime download page (still offering v33.1.1.444):