Topic: Transfer from KOKEN to Juicebox-Pro

I would like to use Juicebox-Pro as a software to continue to manage and maintain my photography website that was built using KOKEN. KOKEN is now "dead" and only part of my website is still working. I wonder what would be the best way to do this.

My website (part of a multisite) is hosted at OVH. The data of the photos are hosted there (Mysql). I would like to keep the URL/domain of my website.

How would you advise to proceed?

If you need the URL of my website, please let me know.

Re: Transfer from KOKEN to Juicebox-Pro

Unfortunately, there is no automated migration path from Koken to Juicebox.
You would need to recreate your galleries from scratch using JuiceboxBuilder-Pro and then embed the galleries into your web pages (assuming you have FTP access to the web space that your host provides) following the embedding instructions here.

I really dont see any shortcuts that you could take unless you are able to write a script (perhaps using a server-side scripting language such as PHP) to fetch the current image data from your database and use this information to build a Juicebox gallery's 'config.xml' configuration file. This would be a lot of work (and is beyond the scope of support that I am able to provide) and might only be beneficial if you have hundreds of galleries to convert (due to the complex and time-consuming nature of such a project).

I realise that this may not be the answer that you are looking for but creating galleries in JuiceboxBuilder (once you've got it up and running) is a quick and easy process and if you have data embedded within your source images, then JuiceboxBuilder can extract the IPTC Document Title (as the image title) and the IPTC Description (as the image caption) which would avoid the need to manually enter image titles and captions.

Re: Transfer from KOKEN to Juicebox-Pro

Thank you very much, Steven. I will follow your advice.

I am waiting now for being able to install Juicebox-Pro, i.e. waiting for a working Adobe Air.

Re: Transfer from KOKEN to Juicebox-Pro

I'm checking the AIR forums daily (over at Adobe and Github) but there's no new of a new Harman runtime yet.

Have you found and tried Adobe AIR v20.0 yet?
As I mentioned over in your other forum thread, another Big Sur user has had success with v20.0 so it's worth trying.
In case you're having trouble finding it, it looks like still has it available on their website.
Here's their download page for v20.0.0.260:
I cannot vouch for the integrity of the file from this source (I cannot file file hashes for old AIR files on Adobe's website) but I've run the file through VirusTotal and it seems to be 100% clean.
I realise that this seems to be the only source that I can find for the only suggestion that I can think of that might help at the moment but, as the AIR installer is not coming directly from Adobe's own web site, please download and install at your own risk.

Re: Transfer from KOKEN to Juicebox-Pro

Thank you very much Steven for being so dedicated.

I have downloaded Adobe Air according to your instructions, but I do not come further than the configuration bar (see attachment).

Be sure, I will be patient.

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Re: Transfer from KOKEN to Juicebox-Pro

I'm sorry that you're still having trouble.
Did you fully uninstall any existing version of Adobe AIR before trying to install v20? If not, then that might help.
Otherwise, we might have to wait patiently and hope that Harman releases a runtime soon that resolves your problem.
Thank you for your patience.

Re: Transfer from KOKEN to Juicebox-Pro

Yes, I did fully uninstall the old versions and just now I tried it again on another Mac. Same result!

Re: Transfer from KOKEN to Juicebox-Pro

Thank you for the additional information and for trying on another Mac.

There are reports of Adobe AIR working under Big Sur so, until the Harman runtime is released, you might like to persevere and try again.
I realise that you have already tried many things but if other Big Sur users have been able to install Adobe AIR, then it should be possible on your own system, too.
Maybe this forum thread will help. It contains more detailed instructions for the fix (but from a Big Sur user). … 953#M56641

As your problem is specifically with Adobe AIR, you might like to try posting in the Adobe AIR forum.
I know that Adobe no longer support AIR but maybe some other Big Sur users would be able to help you further.
(I am a Windows 10 user with no access to MacOS Big Sur so I'm unable to test suggestions myself.)

In the meantime, I'll keep checking the Adobe Runtime Support Issues page for Harman updates.