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Hi there, 

Just installed Lite 1.5.1, great easy to use product.  But I hit the bug that if I rotate an image 180 degrees I get the mirror of that image and not a rotated image.

Similar to this thread:

I'm happy to upgrade to pro version, but wondering if this has been fixed yet?


Re: Image rotation bug

Unfortunately, this bug was first reported after Juicebox v1.5.1 was released and there have been no versions released since then.
As such, this bug has not yet been fixed and is present in the current versions of both JuiceboxBuilder-Lite and JuiceboxBuilder-Pro.
However, it is a known bug that the developers are aware of and it should hopefully be fixed in a future version (although I do not know when this might be).
In the meantime, if your images need to be rotated twice, then I'd recommend doing so in an imaging program (such as Adobe Photoshop) before feeding them to JuiceboxBuilder.
I realise that this will create an extra step in your workflow but, unfortunately, it is unavoidable until the bug is fixed.

Re: Image rotation bug

Thanks for the response Steven.  I didn't realize 1.5.1 has been out for over 2 years (since that older thread is from 2018).  Is it still being actively developed?

Re: Image rotation bug

Thanks for the response Steven.

You're welcome!

Is it still being actively developed?

Yes! Development is admittedly slow at the moment but Juicebox is still alive and well.
The next version is likely to be a bugfix release (rather than a major release introducing new features) although I do not know when it might be released.

Re: Image rotation bug

Hi Steven,

Just checking to see if there's a timetable for the image rotation fix?

Re: Image rotation bug

No, sorry. Thanks for checking in but I'm afraid I have no news at the moment.
I really don't know when the next version will be released (or if the rotation bug will be addressed for the next version).
All I can say with any certainty is that the bug has been officially logged and the developers are aware of it.
Sorry I don't have any better news just now.