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I have question regarding new plug-in for Adobe Lightroom.

I'd like to start usign this plug-in instead of builder.
In Juicebox bulider it is possible to save template of colors/layout & settings from existing gallery. Is it possible also in Lightroom? I want to use exactly the same template like in builder.

Thanks for reply

I was very desperate and finally i found solution. It looks like it is the pathing problem.
On my newly "mac" created gallery .xml files paths to images look like this:

<image imageURL="images/20101009_0794.jpg"
    sourcePath="/Users/Maciek/Projekty www/kolasinski.art.pl/Galerie/Podwodne_mczerwone/images/20101009_0794.jpg">
    <caption><![CDATA[Shaab el Erg (głębokość 9m)]]></caption>

On windows created galleries it looks differently:

<image imageURL="images/20101009_0794.jpg"
    sourcePath="D:\Projekty www\kolasinski.art.pl\Galerie\Podwodne_mczerwone\images\20101009_0794.jpg">
    <caption><![CDATA[Shaab el Erg (głębokość 9m)]]></caption>

It looks like for juicebox-builder in windows these paths doesnt matter "\" or "/". On mac is different it must be "/" instead of "\"

So the solution is to use "find/replace" to repair paths in all my .xml config files.

I did all the things You recommended including checking security software (only native mac firewall i have) and re-saving them in plain text editor. No results.

Anyway, thank for your efforts

Now it's time to rebuild everything.

Permissions on gallery files are ok: Read&Write. Gallery folder is in unrestricted place, the same directory where is new created gallery built with juicebox-builder which is opening without any problem. Copying to different location gives no result.

All the issue seems to be very mysterious.

It seems the only solution will be to put a lot of effort and rebuild galleries to completely new ones.

This is the second case. Nothing happens after selecting folder. I can only see normal juicebox-builder interface, no pictures, no thumbnails. Replacing 'jbcore' folder did not solve the problem.

Here is the link to zipped gallery [Gallery downloaded. Link removed.]

This is gallery which i normally embed in joomla site http://www.kolasinski.art.pl/index.php/ … /balkans#1 so in the zipped package you'll not find embedding html file.

No any of this galleries is possible to load into juicebox-builder on my mac.

What is interesting, gallery newly created on mac I'm albe to open without issues.

Hope this additional info will help to find solution.

I'm sorry to say but following strictly Your instructions did not solve the problem.

Please note also one thing that the problem appear just after first installation of juicebox on my mac. There was no any previous juicebox installation. The OS was quite fresh. All jucebox gallery files were migrated from windows computer.

Hi. I have similar problem on my Mac running Mavericks system. I made all steps You mention. The result is still the same. When trying to open nothing happen. I did the same on lite version of jucebox. Erratic behaviour is exactly the same like in Pro version.

I'm using juicebox pro 1.4.2 and AIR 14

Any clue how to solve the problem?


Great. This workaround works good for both browsers.

Anyway,  awaiting bug fix in next version of juicebox.

Thank You for prompt reply.


I have just upgraded my galleries to juicebox engine v.1.4.0

After this, it is not possible to view my galleries in expended mode:

1) When browsing in Chrome the gallery expands for very short period then goes back itself into to normal mode.
2)When browsing in Firefox all the site is switching to full scren mode instead of juicebox gallery only.

All galleries are embedded in Joomla site v2.5.19

Example of gallery You can find here: http://www.kolasinski.art.pl/index.php/ … ls/egypt#1

Any solutions for this?