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I've seen quite a few threads about this and have tried everything short of uninstalling and reinstalling.
I'm using a Mac with Mavericks OS.

A new gallery was created and posted to our website (works great). I want to add new photos or adjust the preset on that gallery so click Open Gallery - the Select Gallery Folder window opens. I navigate to the folder (not subfolder) where the gallery is and I can see the config.xml file in the main gallery folder. I click Open and I'm back to the starting screen that says To get started... New Gallery button Open Gallery button; nothing happens - no loading of gallery, no error message.

I created a brand new test gallery (in case there was something strange about the other one) and saved to my desktop and the result is the same. Doesn't open and no error message.

I considered that the files that were uploaded to our website were locked and unlocked them all but still nothing.

I hate to ask the same question, but I can't figure out what's wrong and it seems to be a fairly common issue as I have seen the same response over and over about making sure you just click the folder and that it has the config.xml file in the main folder.

I'm using JuiceBuilder Pro 1.3.3

Re: Can't open existing gallery

Juicebox-Pro v1.4.1 has just been released and there have been several changes made to JuiceboxBuilder-Pro so it would be worthwhile downloading and installing the latest version to see if this makes any difference for you.
Instructions on how to download the latest version can be found on the Upgrading Juicebox support page.
Please note that in order to install a new version of JuiceboxBuilder-Pro, it is necessary to first uninstall any existing version.

Please try the following:
(1) Uninstall JuiceboxBuilder-Pro. (Delete the JuiceboxBuilder-Pro file from Applications folder.)
(2) Delete the following folder manually to ensure that nothing is left behind from the previous installation:
/Users/your_username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/ELS/JuiceboxBuilder-Pro
(3) Empty your Trash.
(4) Reinstall JuiceboxBuilder-Pro (v1.4.1) following the instructions here.

Hopefully this will solve your problem.

Re: Can't open existing gallery

I have followed your instructions exactly and installed 1.4.1 and I still have the same problem; I can't open an existing gallery so if there are any changes, I have to start all over.

Re: Can't open existing gallery

If your gallery is in a folder which is synced with a cloud storage service or on a restricted file system or network drive, try moving the gallery folder to a different location on your hard drive (such as your desktop) before trying to open it.

Re: Can't open existing gallery

I tried putting the folder on my desktop, an external hard drive and a flash drive and it still won't open. I wish there was at least an error message.

Re: Can't open existing gallery

Try uninstalling JuiceboxBuilder-Pro, searching your hard drive for any and all instances of 'JuiceboxBuilder-Pro' and manually deleting everything found. Then empty your trash and reinstall the application.
If this helps and your search returned any entries, it might help other users who encounter the same problem if you could post them here (so that the other users know what to delete).

If this does not help, then it might help if I could try opening your gallery with JuiceboxBuilder-Pro myself, just to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the gallery itself. Perhaps you could zip and upload the gallery folder somewhere and provide a download link. Thank you.

Re: Can't open existing gallery

I uninstalled JuiceboxBuilder-Pro, did a search and found the following in my documents folder: a juicebox_pro_1.3.3 folder and a JuiceboxBuilder-Pro folder. Both folders contained a folder called web that contained config.xml, images folder, index.html, jbcore folder, and thumbs folder. I trashed both folders and emptied the trash. I then, reinstalled JuiceboxBuilder-Pro. Wishing now that I had looked to see what gallery was stored there before trashing them.

After re-installing, I was able to open a gallery on my external drive (I thought I was home free!) I created a new test gallery, published to my desktop, and tried to open and nothing. Same as above, no error message just right back to the start screen. I tried to open the gallery I had successfully opened on my external drive and nothing. I did a search to find out where juiceboxbuilder-pro files are now and found one in my documents folder but this time it only includes my presets which make sense to me. Just for kicks, I restarted my system which had no effect.

I'm at a loss, why open once then not again?

Will this work for a download? … sp=sharing

Re: Can't open existing gallery

I tried to open the gallery I had successfully opened on my external drive and nothing.

The external drive may be the problem.
Copy your gallery folder to your computer's hard drive, disconnect your external drive and try to open the gallery.

One solution to a known issue which can arise when installing JuiceboxBuilder-Pro (noted in the Installation Issues support section is the following:

On Mac - Unmount drives other than main drive (including time machine backups) and retry installation.

If this solution can work for installation problems, it may also help with your own problem opening existing galleries.

Will this work for a download?

Unfortunately, this is not a public link which I can click to download your gallery folder. You could share the file ('Right-Click -> Google Drive -> Share... -> Public on the web') or upload it to your web server.

Re: Can't open existing gallery

I tried un-mounting my external drive and still cannot open an existing gallery on my desktop.

I've shared this link: … sp=sharing

here is the html page on our server: … index.html

Re: Can't open existing gallery

I have downloaded all the files in your gallery folder (including the .DS_Store files which are not generated by JuiceboxBuilder-Pro) and have recreated your gallery's structure on my own hard drive.
I have no problem opening it in JuiceboxBuilder-Pro (v1.4.1) on my own computer so there does not seem to be a problem with the gallery itself. This was likely to be the case but at least now we can rule out gallery errors as a possible cause of the problem. The problem certainly seems to be isolated to your own system somehow.

To summarize the above (and for anyone else experiencing a similar problem), here is a comprehensive list of things to check/try:

(1) Make sure that you are logged in with a User Account which has administrative rights. If necessary, create a new Administrator User Account and install Adobe AIR and JuiceboxBuilder-Pro from within this new account. (Windows).

(2) Make sure that you are using the latest version of Adobe AIR (v14.0) which can be downloaded from here.

(3) Install Adobe AIR not just by double-clicking the 'AdobeAirInstaller.exe' installation file but by right-clicking it and selecting 'Run as administrator...'. (Windows)

(4) Uninstall any existing version of JuiceboxBuilder-Pro:
Mac: Delete the 'JuiceboxBuilder-Pro' file from the Applications folder and empty your Trash.
Windows: Use the uninstaller in the 'Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall a program...' list.

(5) Make sure that no files are left behind from any existing version (or failed install) by manually deleting the following folders from your hard drive:
Mac: /Users/your_username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/ELS/JuiceboxBuilder-Pro
Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\JuiceboxBuilder-Pro
Windows: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\AIR\ELS\JuiceboxBuilder-Pro
Windows: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\JuiceboxBuilder-Pro
Windows: C:\Users\Username\Documents\JuiceboxBuilder-Pro
You may need to Show hidden files to find some of the above locations in Windows Explorer.

(6) Search your hard drive for the term 'JuiceboxBuilder-Pro' and delete any and all entries found (to be absolutely sure that nothing remains from a previous or failed install).

(7) Ensure that the 'JuiceboxBuilder-Pro.air' installation file is on your Desktop or in a non-restricted folder on your hard drive (and not on an external or network drive).

(8) Disconnect/unmount all drives other than the main hard drive (including time machine backups). (Mac)

(9) Ensure that any security software that you may have installed is not interfering with the installation process.

(10) Install JuiceboxBuilder-Pro following the 'Installation' instructions in the JuiceboxBuilder-Pro User Guide.

Try installing JuiceboxBuilder-Lite (from the Juicebox-Lite zip package available from this web page).
You can install and run both JuiceboxBuilder-Lite and JuiceboxBuilder-Pro side by side on the same computer.

If you can open the gallery with JuiceboxBuilder-Lite but not with JuiceboxBuilder-Pro, then this indicates that there may be something wrong with your JuiceboxBuilder-Pro installation, in which case, I would, once again, try closing JuiceboxBuidler-Pro, deleting the ELS folder (from Step #5 above) and re-opening the application.
This has been known to solve problems with the buttons on the 'Start' tab not functioning.

If you cannot open the gallery in either JuiceboxBuilder-Lite or JuiceboxBuilder-Pro, then there may be something on your system preventing the gallery folder from being opened and blocking the functionality of the 'Open Gallery...' button. Please check to see if you have any security software installed which might be interfering with the JuiceboxBuilder applications.

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Re: Can't open existing gallery

Hi. I have similar problem on my Mac running Mavericks system. I made all steps You mention. The result is still the same. When trying to open nothing happen. I did the same on lite version of jucebox. Erratic behaviour is exactly the same like in Pro version.

I'm using juicebox pro 1.4.2 and AIR 14

Any clue how to solve the problem?


Re: Can't open existing gallery


I have updated the list of things to check/try in the post above with a few extra suggestions.
I would certainly try uninstalling and reinstalling JuiceboxBuilder-Pro following Step #4 onwards. (Step #6 was not previously on the list but another Mac user has reported that searching for and deleting all instances of JuiceboxBuilder-Pro on the hard drive before reinstalling the application helped so it might be worth trying in your case.)

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Re: Can't open existing gallery

I'm sorry to say but following strictly Your instructions did not solve the problem.

Please note also one thing that the problem appear just after first installation of juicebox on my mac. There was no any previous juicebox installation. The OS was quite fresh. All jucebox gallery files were migrated from windows computer.

Re: Can't open existing gallery

Is your problem that the 'Open Gallery...' button is completely ineffective (nothing happens when you click it) or that you are able to select the gallery folder but the gallery does not open when clicking 'Select Folder'?
If it is the second of these two scenarios, then try replacing the 'jbcore' folder in your gallery folder with a fresh copy of the 'jbcore' folder from the Juicebox-Pro downlaod zip package ('juicebox_pro_1.4.2/web/jbcore/') before trying to open the gallery.
If this still does not work, then, if possible, please zip the gallery, upload it somewhere and provide a download link so that I can try to open the gallery and replicate the problem for myself.

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Re: Can't open existing gallery

This is the second case. Nothing happens after selecting folder. I can only see normal juicebox-builder interface, no pictures, no thumbnails. Replacing 'jbcore' folder did not solve the problem.

Here is the link to zipped gallery [Gallery downloaded. Link removed.]

This is gallery which i normally embed in joomla site … /balkans#1 so in the zipped package you'll not find embedding html file.

No any of this galleries is possible to load into juicebox-builder on my mac.

What is interesting, gallery newly created on mac I'm albe to open without issues.

Hope this additional info will help to find solution.

Re: Can't open existing gallery

Replacing 'jbcore' folder did not solve the problem.

Thank you for trying. It was worth a shot. As unlikely as it sounds, it worked for a different user who was experiencing a similar problem to your own (which is why I suggested it).

Thank you for providing your zipped gallery.
I can open it in JuiceboxBuilder-Pro v1.4.2 without any problem so there certainly does not seem to be a problem with the gallery files themselves.

Please check the permissions on the gallery files on your Mac to see if this might be the cause of your problem.
Also, make sure that you are not trying to open the gallery folder from a restricted file system or network drive. Try copying your gallery folder to a different location on your hard drive (such as your desktop) before trying to open it to see if this helps.

Re: Can't open existing gallery

Permissions on gallery files are ok: Read&Write. Gallery folder is in unrestricted place, the same directory where is new created gallery built with juicebox-builder which is opening without any problem. Copying to different location gives no result.

All the issue seems to be very mysterious.

It seems the only solution will be to put a lot of effort and rebuild galleries to completely new ones.

Re: Can't open existing gallery

Unfortunately, I do not know what is preventing JuiceboxBuilder-Pro from opening your galleries but it does not appear to be the galleries themselves (as I have been able to open one of your galleries successfully myself) so the problem seems to be with your particular setup/system.

Please double-check that any security software you might have installed is not somehow interfering with JuiceboxBuilder-Pro. Make an exception for JuiceboxBuilder-Pro in your security software if necessary.

Also, as the problem seems to be with galleries which were created on a Windows PC, try opening the gallery's XML file and re-saving it (without actually making any changes) in a plain text editor on your Mac before trying to open the gallery in JuiceboxBuilder-Pro.
It is a long shot but it should be quick and easy to do and might be worth trying, just in case there are some hidden control characters within the file which Windows is happy with but your Mac is not.

Re: Can't open existing gallery

I did all the things You recommended including checking security software (only native mac firewall i have) and re-saving them in plain text editor. No results.

Anyway, thank for your efforts

Now it's time to rebuild everything.

Re: Can't open existing gallery

I really cannot think of anything else which you could try.
It seems very strange that JuiceboxBuilder-Pro cannot open a gallery on your Mac which I can open fine on my own PC.
If I think of anything else which might help, I will be sure to post back.

If you plan to rebuild your gallery, you should hopefully at least be able to load your existing gallery's XML file as a preset ('Presets -> Load Preset...' from the drop-down menu at the top) to save you from having to set all the configuration options individually.
Just add the images to your new gallery and then go to 'Presets -> Load Preset...' and navigate towards your existing gallery's 'config.xml' file. All the configuration options from your existing gallery should be applied to your new gallery in a single action.

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Re: Can't open existing gallery

I was very desperate and finally i found solution. It looks like it is the pathing problem.
On my newly "mac" created gallery .xml files paths to images look like this:

<image imageURL="images/20101009_0794.jpg"
    sourcePath="/Users/Maciek/Projekty www/">
    <caption><![CDATA[Shaab el Erg (głębokość 9m)]]></caption>

On windows created galleries it looks differently:

<image imageURL="images/20101009_0794.jpg"
    sourcePath="D:\Projekty www\\Galerie\Podwodne_mczerwone\images\20101009_0794.jpg">
    <caption><![CDATA[Shaab el Erg (głębokość 9m)]]></caption>

It looks like for juicebox-builder in windows these paths doesnt matter "\" or "/". On mac is different it must be "/" instead of "\"

So the solution is to use "find/replace" to repair paths in all my .xml config files.

Re: Can't open existing gallery

Thank you for sharing your findings and solution.
I have notified the developers of this issue (galleries created on Windows PCs cannot be opened on Macs) and they will certainly investigate further. If they can replicate the problem, then hopefully they will be able to fix it for a future version.

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Re: Can't open existing gallery

Thank you Steven and maciej.  I have experienced the same issue, when migrating galleries from PC to Mac.  I was having to go back to a PC to work on existing galleries.  It's a simple matter, but it would reduce time wastage trying to convert backslashes every time.  Looking forward to the change.

Steven wrote:

I have notified the developers of this issue (galleries created on Windows PCs cannot be opened on Macs) and they will certainly investigate further. If they can replicate the problem, then hopefully they will be able to fix it for a future version.

Re: Can't open existing gallery

This issue has been logged.

In the meantime, as the sourcePath entries are not going to be correct (or useful) when opening a gallery on a different computer, perhaps the best course of action would be to simply remove them all from the gallery's XML file before opening the gallery in JuiceboxBuilder-Pro on your Mac.
This can be done in a single search and replace action in a text editor which supports regular expressions, for example Notepad++.

  • Open your gallery's XML file in Notepad++.

  • Go to 'Search -> Replace...' from the drop-down menu at the top.

  • Select 'Regular expression' for the Search Mode.

  • Search for: sourcePath=".*?"

  • Replace with nothing (empty string).

  • Click 'Replace All'.

All sourcePath entries will be removed with this single action.
You can also load multiple XML files into Notepad++ at the same time and remove all sourcePath entries from all files at once.
This might save you some time if you have a large gallery (or multiple galleries) that you need to open on your Mac.

Before making any changes to any files, I recommend that you make backup copies first, just in case anything goes wrong and you need to reinstate the original files at a later date.

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Re: Can't open existing gallery

I use Dreamweaver and had this problem of not being able to open existing galleries.
The reason was that the  config.xml file was locked, as Dreamweaver makes files write protected if you use the "check in" function in the Dreamweaver FTP panel.

After checking out the a specific config.xml file in Dreamweaver there was no problem opening the gallery in Juiceboxbuilder. : ))

But after failing to open a "checked in" gallery, you might have to restart Juicboxbuilder to be able to open it.


There should be a function in Juicboxbuilder, checking if any necessary files are write protected, and if so, Juiceboxbuilder should offer to make these files writable.