Topic: Blue question mark where image should be

Apologies for a newbie question.

I have entered <img src= 'logo.png'><br>Text goes here,  directly into the 'Gallery Title' text field. 

I've tried putting my logo.png file in several places but all I get is a blue question mark and the 'Text goes here'

Sorry to be dumb!

Laurie (UK)

Re: Blue question mark where image should be

When first creating a gallery with JuiceboxBuilder-Pro, the relative path to your 'logo.png' image is meaningless as the gallery folder does not yet exist. The path should be relative to the HTML file into which the gallery is embedded but the file has not yet been created.
If you save your gallery (on the 'Publish' tab) and then re-open the gallery in JuiceboxBuilder-Pro, you should see your image in place of the blue question mark.