Topic: JuiceboxBuilder-Pro Program buttons not working. [SOLVED]


Im having some issue with resolving my gallery not loading in JuiceboxBuilder-Pro.

I am running on a Windows 10 Pro system gaming rig,

I have the recommended latest AIR WebKit Installed

I have your latest JuiceboxBuilder-Pro

It was all working absoltely fine when i used it approx 3 -4 months ago.. I have rebooted, uninstalled, re-installed the AIR plugin and JB-Pro program multiple times, I have reset all windows default opening file extension..

But all i get is the main JB-Pro opens, if I select "New Gallery..." the button highlights and can click, but nothing happens.

If I click "Open Gallery..." Then select windows opens.. I navigate to the index.html and config.xml file.. select "open" and again nothing happens. It doesn't hang or freeze, it literally just does nothing.. quite weird. I can reboot, uninstall all day long. nothing seems to work.

Re: JuiceboxBuilder-Pro Program buttons not working. [SOLVED]

.tempgallery was the issue, sorry!! It's fixed :>

Re: JuiceboxBuilder-Pro Program buttons not working. [SOLVED]

I'm glad you've been able to resolve your problem. Thank you for letting me know.

For anyone else experiencing similar issues, please see this forum post which should help.