Topic: Image rotation in JuiceboxBuilder

Please note that JuiceboxBuilder does not read or use the EXIF orientation flags (which may or may not be embedded within source images) and simply displays the images as they are, with no dynamic rotation based on the flags.

If necessary, you can rotate an image in JuiceboxBuilder by selecting its corresponding thumbnail on the Images panel and then clicking the Rotate Button near the bottom-right corner of the panel.

If an image displays in an unexpected orientation in JuiceboxBuilder, then the best thing to do is to remove the EXIF data from the image (in an imaging program such as Photoshop) and then rotate the image until it is visibly correct.

When JuiceboxBuilder resizes images for a gallery, it strips out all metadata, so if an image looks OK in JuiceboxBuilder (where metadata is not used), then it should also look OK in the gallery (where metadata is not present).