Topic: White screen on IOS mobile [SOLVED]

I'm having trouble tracking down why my Juicebox displays fine on desktop but not IOS mobile. I have several browsers and models I have tried. I don't have access to non-ios mobiles at this time.

It just loads to a blank white screen.

Re: White screen on IOS mobile [SOLVED]

It looks like you are using the regular embedding code ( … -html-page) so your gallery's 'jbcore' folder should be in the same directory as the embedding page ('pumpkin-gallery-jb.html').

Therefore, your gallery's 'juicebox.js' file should be located here:
However, going directly to that location in a browser results in an error 404 (file not found).

Upload your gallery's 'jbcore' folder to your root directory (alongside your 'pumpkin-gallery-jb.html' web page) and your gallery should display as expected.

Please let me know how you get on.

(Incidentally, I see a white screen in my desktop browser, too. It's the same problem, though, so the solution above should allow the gallery to be displayed in all browsers.)

Re: White screen on IOS mobile [SOLVED]

I noticed that the web host file manager that I used had extracted the jbcore folder as a different file type. ??? Overwriting didnt help. I had to delete and re-extract, then it worked fine.

Thanks for the help. Easiest fix ever.

Re: White screen on IOS mobile [SOLVED]

I'm glad you've got it working. Thanks for letting me know!