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Since the latest Air, I have had nothing but problems. I have redownloaded Lite and Pro. I have spent hours getting past the opening screen to the New Gallery Open Gallery screen. Neither button works. Although I have and have reinstalled Juicebox Pro many times over many hours today, it still invites me to upgrade to Pro.

I click on Images and the page opens, but I cannot load any Images.

I have found suggestions on the forum. I did find the right version of AIR on the Harman site and that helped me get to the New/Open screen.

I have no .tempGallery

There is no AppData\Roaming\Adobe\AIR\ELS\JuiceboxBuilder-Pro

I tried installing Lite but that has not worked either. I have uninstalled it and that does not help.

I still get an upgrade to Pro message even though it says it is Pro.

I have done everything I can think of. I hope you can help.

Re: Cannot create gallery

I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble with Juicebox-Pro.
Here are some notes which might help.

First of all, for anyone else reading this thread and experiencing difficulties getting past the loading screen , please read this forum thread and be sure to install the latest version of AIR with WebKit support which, at the time of writing, is AIR v33.1.1.743 (go to Harman's AIR download page and scroll down to the foot of the page).

Neither button works.

It sounds like you may have found it already but I've written a fairly comprehensive post about unresponsive 'Open Gallery' and 'New Gallery' buttons here. I've really not left anything out and anything and everything that might help is documented there.

I have no .tempGallery

A .tempGallery folder will be created only after the 'New Gallery' button has been clicked or when an existing gallery has been opened (and should automatically be deleted on closing the application). If you cannot click either of the 'New Gallery' or 'Open Gallery' buttons, then you won't have a .tempGallery folder so this, in itself, is not unexpected.

There is no AppData\Roaming\Adobe\AIR\ELS\JuiceboxBuilder-Pro

The ELS/JuiceboxBuilder-Pro folder should be created as soon as JuiceboxBuilder-Pro is first run (and there should be several Private Encrypted Data files inside the folder).
If you don't have this folder on your system, then this could certainly be the cause of your problem. Something may be preventing the ELS/JuiceboxBuilder-Pro folder from being created (or preventing AIR from writing the required files to the folder).
Make sure that you install both AIR and JuiceboxBuilder-Pro under an Administrator user account.
Also, when installing AIR, try right-clicking the 'AdobeAIR.exe' installation file and selecting 'Run as administrator'. (You can do this for AIR but not for JuiceboxBuilder-Pro itself so don't worry that the 'Run as administrator' option is not there for JuiceboxBuilder-Pro.)

I still get an upgrade to Pro message even though it says it is Pro.

That is most definitely a problem and one that shouldn't really be possible.
JuiceboxBuilder-Lite and JuiceboxBuilder-Pro are two completely separate applications that can be installed and run side-by-side on the same computer without interfering with each other. They are installed into different folders and their files should not mix. There really ought to be no way that JuiceboxBuilder-Pro should be able to include a link to 'Upgrade to Juicebox-Pro!' at all.
Over the years, I've heard of this only a couple of times before and the cause both times seems to have been a corrupt user profile.
Can you try creating a new Administrator user account on your PC and installing AIR v33.1.1.743 and JuiceboxBuilder-Pro v1.5.1.2 under this new account? This should hopefully work fine.
I really don't know what might be at the root of the user profile problem but this should hopefully at least give you a useable workaround.
Maybe the other suggestions in the forum thread I mentioned above (here) will also help.

Please let me know how you get on.
Thank you.

Re: Cannot create gallery

Thank you so much. I could install and run as a different user. You got me going.

It still does not work with my profile. Maybe antivirus or the firewall is blocking something. The problem does not seem to be AIR or Juicebox installer.

I will update this thread if I discover the problem. In the meantime I can switch to the new user account to make a webpage.

Thank you for your quick response and getting me up and running again.

Re: Cannot create gallery

Thanks for posting back with the update.
I'm glad you're at least able to use JuiceboxBuilder-Pro under a different user account.

I'm really not sure what might be at the root of the problem. The fact that you're seeing the 'Upgrade to Juicebox-Pro!' message in JuiceboxBuilder-Pro suggests that files from JuiceboxBuilder-Lite and JuiceboxBuilder-Pro have somehow been switched but I can't imagine how that might have happened through normal usage (and it seems unlikely that an antivirus program or firewall would cause this to happen).

As far as I can recall, I am aware of this happening only twice before so your problem is not unique but certainly very rare. Unfortunately, no-one has been able to figure out the exact cause of the issue (and troubleshooting a problem I can't reproduce myself is very difficult).

In any case, I'm happy to hear that you can use JuiceboxBuilder-Pro (albeit under a different user profile).
Please post back with any further updates if you pursue your troubleshooting.
Thank you.

Re: Cannot create gallery


The problem was with Windows.

I had set Documents to an external usb drive e: and used USB f: and g: for backups. E: crashed, so I was working from drive f: with no e:.

I have changed the drive letter of g: to e: to maintain alphabetical order.

Another problem that has been solved is that it can now find my presets.

It seems Juicebox needed the Documents folder. It is no surprise I have always hated Microsoft's My Document, Documents, My Computer, This PC and all that rubbish.

Re: Cannot create gallery

Forgot to mention in File Explorer This PC\Documents was not showing. This may help in diagnosis. It seems the Documents folder is essential for Juicebox and for Juicebox to find personal presets.

Re: Cannot create gallery

Thank you for the update. It's valuable information.
I'm glad you've been able to figure out what was at the root of your problem and I appreciate you sharing it here in the forum.

JuiceboxBuilder-Pro does, indeed, need a valid Documents folder.
On first run, a folder named 'JuiceboxBuilder-Pro' is created in the Documents folder and the presets are copied into it.
JuiceboxBuilder-Pro also stores the temporary working folder (named '.tempGallery') there.
If JuiceboxBuilder-Pro does not have access to the system's Documents folder, then problems will arise (but I still can't figure out why your JuiceboxBuilder-Pro shows a the 'Upgrade to Juicebox-Pro!' message).

Anyway, thanks again for updating this thread with the information.
It will no doubt be useful going forward.

Re: Cannot create gallery

Maybe the "Upgrade to Juicebox-Pro Message" is a sign of no DOCUMENTS folder.

Re: Cannot create gallery

The 'Upgrade to Juicebox-Pro!' message should always be hidden for JuiceboxBuilder-Pro and there should be no way for the message to be displayed conditional on any runtime variables (even a missing Documents folder).
It's a weird one for sure...

Re: Cannot create gallery

But now that there is a documents folder, that problem has disappeared.

Re: Cannot create gallery

I deleted my Documents folder and I can reproduce the problem; the "Upgrade to Juicebox-Pro!" message appears.
(I never doubted you, I just couldn't explain what was going on!)

I notice that as well as the "Upgrade to Juicebox-Pro!" message appearing, the embedded "JuiceboxBuilder-Pro" logo/image (usually at the left-hand side of the same top area that the 'upgrade' message is on) does not appear.

I guess that JuiceboxBuilder just errors out as soon as it tries to access a non-existent Documents folder and stops running its script (before the upgrade message is hidden and the embedded image is shown).

The moral of the story is that JuiceboxBuilder should check for the existence of the Documents folder before proceeding (and perhaps use an alternate location to store the working folder if the Documents folder does not exist) but, in the meantime, for anyone else reading this and experiencing similar issues, the best solution is just to make sure that your system has a valid Documents folder.

Thanks again for your notes. They've been most helpful in understanding what's going on.

Re: Cannot create gallery

Glad to be able to help. It is interesting that you could reproduce the error especially as it tells us what the upgrade comment signifies, no documents folder.