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Does anyone know if Juicebox runs on the latest Mac running OS Monterey. It doesn't work for me! Thanks.

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As far as I am aware, it should work OK.
JuiceboxBuilder-Pro is a 64-bit application on a Mac so there should be no issues in that regard (i.e. with 32-bit applications no longer being supported).

If you are using an M1 Mac, please try the suggestion here (to use Rosetta): … 104#p18104

Also, check out the Known Issues on the AIR download page ( as the Known Issue relating to the Encrypted Local Store is relevant to JuiceboxBuilder-Pro on a Mac.

If none of the above helps, please let me know more about the problem that you are experiencing and I might be able to help further.
Is the problem with installing AIR and/or JuiceboxBuilder-Pro or are you able to install both programs OK but are unable to run JuiceboxBuilder-Pro afterwards?
Do you encounter any error messages along the way? If so, what do they say.

I've heard of one Mac user who was unable to run JuiceboxBuilder-Pro under their regular user account but it worked after creating a new administrator user account and installing JuiceboxBuilder-Pro under the new user profile so this might be worth trying, too.

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I am running on M1 Macs and JB mostly behaves as it did previously on Intel Macs.

However, I have run into a problem when saving a gallery because I cannot edit the text in the "Gallery Folder" box.

The only work-around appears to involve hitting the Browse Button and creating a new appropriately named folder in which to store the new gallery.

I am almost certain that, prior to Mac OS Monterey and the M1 computer, I could change or delete the Text in the Gallery Folder" box?

I would like to be able to do that instead of needing to use the browse button work-around.

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... I cannot edit the text in the "Gallery Folder" box.

As a Windows user, I've never been able to edit the text in the 'Gallery Folder' box.
I've always had to click the 'Browse...' button and navigate to a pre-existing folder (or create a new folder within the pop-up 'Save Gallery Folder As' dialog window).
In fact, I've just checked and the 'Gallery Folder' text is, indeed, set to be non-editable so if you've previously been able to edit it, that's rather strange and perhaps a bug within AIR.

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I could easily be mistaken but either the Gallery Folder box was grabbing its data from a  Gallery Name; or I am sure that I must have been able to edit the text in the Folder box because I don't remember having to Browse to save a new Gallery with a distinctive name.

I feel that the User should be able to do that.

I have been getting frequent freeze-ups when opening a new window through the Browse button.

The only way to Cancel out of the freeze is by Force Quitting from JuiceBox which, of course, loses the entire Gallery which I have just built.

I think that the Gallery-naming issue is one which the Developers should want to address in the next version?

Newer operating Systems are almost certainly going to require updated Applications so I really hope that the Developers are working on a new edition of JuiceBox Pro because it is software on which I depend!

Re: New Mac running OS 12.0.1

I have been getting frequent freeze-ups when opening a new window through the Browse button.

One other Monterey user has reported a similar issue.

Could you please let me know at exactly what point in the process the application freezes?
It might help in troubleshooting the problem or, at the very least, I can log a bug report with the developers.

Is it when you try to select a pre-existing folder or create a new folder in the 'Save Gallery Folder As' dialog window?
Are you trying to save a gallery to a network drive or a folder which is being synced to an online file sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive?
Does there appear to be a pattern to when the application freezes?
Have you found a workaround which may be inconvenient but works consistently?
How often (as a percentage) would you estimate that the problem occurs?

My own workflow pretty much involves just saving a gallery named 'juicebox-gallery' (the default name) to my desktop and then renaming and moving the gallery folder as necessary.
I realise that this might not be convenient for everyone but if you are not already doing this, then it might be worth trying. It doesn't involve clicking the 'Browse...' button at all (or editing the non-editable text).
If your 'Gallery Folder' text has changed from its default value and you'd like to revert to the default value, just delete the following folder (with JuiceboxBuilder-Pro closed).

/Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/ELS/JuiceboxBuilder-Pro

It should be fine to do this (I've just done it myself on my Windows system... I don't have a Mac) but it might be wise to just move the 'JuiceboxBuilder-Pro' folder out of the 'ELS' folder (onto your desktop, temporarily) in case anything goes wrong and you need to reinstate the folder at a later date. I really do not foresee any problems with this but it would be better to be safe than sorry being that you are unfortunate enough to already be experiencing issues.

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It looks like it might be an AIR bug.

These two reports sounds very much like like what you are experiencing: … sions/1458 … ssues/1509

Are you running Mac Monterey 12.1 and did the problem start when you first started using 12.1?
Were you able to use the file chooser once before the application froze on a subsequent attempt?

Unfortunately, it looks like we may need to wait on Harman to fix the problem.
I'll keep an eye on the discussions over on Harman's Github page and report back here with any further news.
Thank you for your patience.

Re: New Mac running OS 12.0.1

Looks as though it is exactly the same issue!

I have only just received my MBPro M1 and Apple's Software Updater indicated that I should update to 12.1 — which I immediately did.

Then, having checked that my printers and scanner would work in 12.1, I then updated my MacMini M from Big Sur to Monterey 12.1 as well.
JBPro had been running perfectly well on the Mini until I upgraded its Mac OS.

And the symptoms do match the Bug: the first time that I needed to use the Browse button was O.K. but since then I perpetually experience the Freeze issue.

From your linked thread, it sounds as if Harman Air are aware of the issue and are currently working on a fix.

Re: New Mac running OS 12.0.1

Thank you very much for the confirmation.
It's good to know that we've found the cause of the problem.
At least Harman are aware of the problem and are working on a fix.


Harman have just (5 hours ago) released a new AIR SDK with the fix, as noted here: … 1003894705
Hopefully the standalone runtime will not be far behind. (I've asked them for an ETA in the thread.)
I'll keep a lookout for it and post back here with any further news.

Re: New Mac running OS 12.0.1

If you are urgently looking for a solution, you could perhaps try extracting the runtime files from the new SDK that Harman has just released and manually replace the existing runtime files on your systems.

Download either of the MacOS SDK files (both contain the same runtime files) from this web page:
After extracting the zip file, you'll find the 'Adobe AIR.framework' runtime files inside the 'runtimes/air/mac/' folder.
The location for 'Adobe AIR.framework' should be /Library/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework
This is untested but should hopefully work OK.

Please let me know how you get on if you choose to try this.
Thank you.

Otherwise, deleting the 'ELS/JuiceboxBuilder-Pro' folder (as I noted in a post above) to revert the 'Gallery Folder' text to its default value should enable you to save a gallery to a folder named 'juicebox_gallery' on your desktop (where you can then rename and move it as required) without having to use the 'Browse...' button (which currently invokes the faulty file chooser) at all.


Re: New Mac running OS 12.0.1


These are the notes that I made while I tried various remedies:
Deleted ELS
Then JBPro did indeed Save to a default gallery to a folder named 'juicebox_gallery'
As you said, the name can then be changed in the Finder

However, the Freeze returned if I hit Browse from the Save Panel.

I then Downloaded the new version from Harman Air and installed the new Frame work.

Got error message referencing an “Unsigned” application

Re-ran the “for Catalina” Terminal fix which was successful

New ELS has re-appeared automatically

Unfortunately, I can no longer insert multiple files from the Image Panel’s Browse for images. I could do that previously.

JBPro became very slow to populate the Images Panel: it was very quick previously.

File will Save to default 'juicebox_gallery' but Browse button no longer shows the “New Folder” button

Trashed existing JBPro .plist

I then shut down the computer and rebooted.

On trying to open an existing Gallery with JBPro I was getting “no Config found” errors although the Config is definitely present.

Unfortunately it seems that I may have de-stabilized my copy of FBPro entirely with these experiments?!

I do have a TimeMachine Back-up so I tried to revert my installation of JB Pro.

Unfortunately, that has not worked completely because I cannot yet Browse for images and multi-select images from a folder of JPGs;
and there is now no “New Folder” box being shown if, in the Save Panel, I hit the Browse button.
Both of those were definitely available previously.

I probably will need to do a fresh install of JB Pro but I think that it might be wise if I wait for Harman's final runtime Fix before doing that?

Re: New Mac running OS 12.0.1

I'm sorry to hear that you are still having such problems.
I swapped the AIR framework files on my Windows system (C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe AIR) with the new runtime files from the updated Harman AIR SDK with no problems or adverse effects at all, hence my suggestion for you to try it on your Mac. (I experienced no problems adding multiple images, no speed degradation populating the 'Images' tab, no problem opening existing galleries and no problems with the 'Save Gallery Folder As' dialog window.)

Until the new runtime is released, you might like to just revert to the current AIR runtime (v33.11.533) which you can download from here:
At least then you can save each new gallery to a folder named 'juicebox_gallery' on your desktop and stay away from the 'Browse...' button in the hope that the new runtime will fix it.

From your description of how things stand at the moment, I'd recommend a complete uninstall of both JuiceboxBuilder-Pro and AIR. When the time comes, you should be able to use the new runtime installer to upgrade AIR (on top of the old version, without having to uninstall or reinstall anything further).

Re: New Mac running OS 12.0.1

A user has just reported a further issue with the file/folder chooser (macOS 12.1) in the new AIR SDK ( which may be related to a change in behavior (no 'New Folder' button) that you noted in your last post. … ssues/1522


Re: New Mac running OS 12.0.1

It seems that my Bugs are related so I have added my comments to the GitHub discussion

Re: New Mac running OS 12.0.1

Thanks! I hope they can resolve the issues very soon.


Re: New Mac running OS 12.0.1

To follow-up on the AIR issues:

I followed your advice and wiped all parts of both JuiceBoxPro and AIR completely off all of my Macs. Doing that has resolved nearly all of the problems which I was experiencing.

The real key turned out to involve removing every particle of Harman AIR from the machines (by using their Uninstaller) before loading their latest version of AIR.

I followed the total removal of all things AIR with  making clean installation of JBPro.

The result is that:

I can now insert multiple files from the Image Panel’s Browse for images.

JBPro now populates the Images Panel very quickly again.

Galleries will Save to default the 'juicebox_gallery' directory.

The Save/Browse button does now shows the “New Folder” button again but if I open "Browse" I still get a Freeze so this issue obviously still awaits a fix from Harman.

The Config issue was being caused by a Browser setting (which I have now fixed as I described in another topic).

So JBPro is now entirely workable again for now in both Mac OS Mojave and in Monterey — just as long as I don't hit that "Browse" button in the Save area.

Re: New Mac running OS 12.0.1

I'm glad you're making progress (of sorts)!

It sounds like you've got everything back to that way it should be with the obvious exception of the file chooser freezing issue which Harman is aware of.

Here is an up-to-date list (as of 11 January 2022) of discussions/issues surrounding the issue over on Harman's GitHub pages. … sions/1458 … sions/1518 … ssues/1509 … ssues/1522 … ssues/1529 … ssues/1555

ajwfrost has said (in this comment) that they hope to release a new AIR runtime to fix the issue early next week.

Re: New Mac running OS 12.0.1

Harman has just released a new AIR runtime (v33.1.1.743) which should hopefully resolve the Mac file dialog issues.
Here's the relevant entry from the AIR SDK release notes:

github-1509/1522/1529: Correcting file dialog handling of properties such as filters and filenames

You can download the new AIR runtime from here:

Please let me know how you get on. Thanks!


Re: New Mac running OS 12.0.1

I am very happy to report that the new .743 Update from Harman has fixed all of the problems which I was having with their previous Build.

The Images Panel/Browse now lets me find and select multiple image files;
and the Publish/Save/Browse button now allows one to set a new named location into which to Save a Gallery.

Image-population was quite slow the first time that I ran it after installation of the new Harman Air Update but this has now returned to normal speedy loading with my second run.

I am running JBPro on an M1 MacBook Pro.