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Topic: Small problem.... [SOLVED]

First post so please excuse anything I get wrong....
Been using Juicebox-Pro for over four years without any problems but now i have one which I can't solve.
Image source is Flickr but two photos show as blank. In the builder the thumbnails and main image can be been seen, when published the thumbnails can be seen but not the main image. I have tried various browsers.  The photos have been processed the same way as all the others.
The gallery can be seen at : http://www.gwise.co.uk/Juicebox/Jb-London/index.html
Ironically they are shots of a hidden cafe. Any advise appreciated, thanks....

Re: Small problem.... [SOLVED]

I don't know what is causing your problem but I do not think that it is a coincidence that the two images that do not display have the keyword "hidden" in their titles.
I have tried setting flickrShowTitle="FALSE" and flickrShowDescription="FALSE" to no avail.
I'd try actually changing the titles of these images to remove the word "hidden" (at least temporarily, for testing purposes) to see if this is, indeed, the cause of your problem.
If this does resolve your problem, then maybe you could use a term other than "hidden" (perhaps something like "secret" instead).

I'll try to figure out exactly what is causing this problem (whether it is a Flickr or Juicebox issue) to see if it can be resolved without changing your image titles.
I'll post back here once I've had a chance to investigate further.

Incidentally, I've just created a test Juicebox gallery using local images with the word "hidden" in their titles and captions and the gallery displays all images so, at the moment, it does not look like a Juicebox issue (at least not with local images).

I've also just added the word "hidden" to one of my own Flickr images (in the title and description) and a new Juicebox test gallery displays this image without any problem.

Very strange...
I'd certainly try removing all instances of "hidden" from your own images and, failing that, try reuploading them to Flick (as additional images and/or replacing the current images) to see if this helps.

I'll take another look at this later on when I have more time.
I hope you get on OK in the meantime. Please keep me posted with any updates on your troubleshooting. Thank you.

Re: Small problem.... [SOLVED]

Thanks for your reply.
I’ll try your suggestions and report back.

Re: Small problem.... [SOLVED]

Two photos, one external one internal.
External - replaced photo with one already used - no change.
External - removed ‘hidden’ from title - photo could be seen.
Internal - removed ‘hidden’ from title - photo could be seen.
External - replaced photo with original - photo could be seen.
Both - reinserted ‘hidden’ in title - both photos could still be seen.
Maybe there was a corruption in the titles, nothing else makes sense.

Re: Small problem.... [SOLVED]

I see your two images now display correctly.
I'm not sure what the problem was but you certainly seem to have resolved it. Thank you for posting back to let me know.
I'll mark this thread as SOLVED but please post back if you see any further odd behavior. Thank you.

Re: Small problem.... [SOLVED]

Thanks for your help and suggestions....

Re: Small problem.... [SOLVED]

You're welcome!