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Just had a update to Edge and now Juicebox won't display the gallery in the browser.  Any ideas?

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Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to preview a Juicebox gallery locally (from your computer's hard drive) in the new version of Edge (which uses the Chromium web engine).
You'll need to use either Firefox or Safari to preview your gallery locally. Please see this forum post for details on how to enable this.

Please note that there is no issue once the gallery has been uploaded to a web server where it can be viewed in any modern browser (including the new version of Edge).

I hope this helps.
However, if you continue to experience difficulties and your problem is with a gallery online, then please post the link to your gallery so that I can see the problem for myself and hopefully help further.
Thank you.

Re: New Release of Microsoft Edge

Any Web IDE with a build-in webserver is enough for a local preview of a Juicebox in any chromium webbrowser

I use Brackets (, under File --> Live Preview opens Juicebox Gallery Chrome or use Enable Experimental Live Preview with your default webbrowser

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Good call! Thanks for sharing.

Other options to consider are MAMP, WampServer (Windows) and XAMPP.