Topic: Won't Open

My software just quit opening. It starts up and then immediately closes. I uninstalled it and Adobe Air and reinstalled both but still won't work.

Re: Won't Open

I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble with JuiceboxBuilder-Pro.

Try installing JuiceboxBuilder-Lite (from the Juicebox-Lite zip package which you can download from this web page) to see if the problem happens with both JuiceboxBulder-Pro and JuiceboxBuilder-Lite. (JuiceboxBuilder-Pro and JuiceboxBuider-Lite can both be installed side-by-side onthe same computer.)
This might help us determine whether the problem is specifically with your JuiceboxBuilder-Pro installation or with Adobe AIR itself.

The next thing I'd try is a complete uninstall and reinstall of JuiceboxBuilder-Pro.
The full procedure to follow (including a list of files to manually delete after uninstalling the application) can be found as suggestion #11 in this forum thread.
I'd also check through the list of other suggestions in the forum post in case they help.

As unlikely as it sounds, I'd also try uninstalling both JuiceboxBuilder-Pro and Adobe AIR and then installing an older version of Adobe AIR (before installing JuiceboxBuilder-Pro).
You can download older versions of AIR from Adobe's archive page here: … rsion.html
JuiceboxBuilder-Pro requires Adobe AIR v2.0 or later so you could try a version such as Adobe AIR v20.0.
Here are direct links to v20.0. (All links can be found on the archive page.)
Mac: … beAIR.tbz2
Windows: …
If this works, then you should be able to upgrade AIR in-place afterwards (without the need to uninstall anything else).

I'd also try temporarily disabling any third-party security software that you might have installed (e.g. Avast or AVG) in case this is somehow interfering with JuiceboxBuilder-Pro's functionality. (Please do so at your own risk and be sure to disconnect from the internet first.)

If you are a Windows PC user and you know the exact time of the application crash, then you could check the Windows Event Viewer to see if there are any entries in the 'Windows Logs -> Applications' or 'Windows Logs -> System' sections which give more information on the nature of the problem.
Please see this web page for more information on the Windows Event Viewer: … an-use-it/
This might point you in the right direction.

I hope my notes above help.
Please let me know how you get on and if I can be of any further assistance.