Topic: Juice box WP plugin: Config file not found [SOLVED]

I'm using the juicebox WP plugin to generate galery on my web site since many years without problem.
Since a few days, I have the " config file not found" without having done any modifications and I don't undestand where is the problem.
I must admit that I don't speak the xml language and only use the graphic interface of wordpress and Juicebox.
With the new Box interface of WP, I even couldn't create any new gallery with Juicebox, the button had disapered. I had the erase my Juicebox pro plugin and replace with a new juicebox lite WPplugin to get back the possibility of creating a new gallery.
But even when creating new gallery The "config file not found" persist.

My website is
Normaly, le config file of my galery is named with the gallery number ans is in:

can you help me to find the solution?

Re: Juice box WP plugin: Config file not found [SOLVED]

As you suggest, it should be possible to view your gallery's XML data by going directly to the following URL in a browser:

However, going directly to this URL results in an error 403 (access denied) message.
Whatever is preventing direct access to this PHP file is the cause of your problem.
However, there are several possible causes...

(1) Check that the permissions on the 'config.php' file (inside the 'wp-juicebox' folder) are not too restrictive.
Also, check the permissions on the 'wp-juicebox' folder itself.
You should be able to check and change permissions using an FTP program such as Filezilla or via your hosting account's online control panel.
Default permissions of 755 for folders and 644 for files should be fine.

(2) Check to see if you have any .htaccess files on your web server (most likely in your root directory) which contain rules which block direct access to PHP files.
If you find any entries in any .htaccess file such as the following, then try removing them to see if this resolves your problem.

(3) Check to see if you have any plugin's installed which might somehow be interfering with WP-Juicebox's functionality.
Deactivate all your plugins (other than WP-Juicebox) and reactivate them one by one (checking your gallery after each one) to see if you can find a conflicting plugin.

(4) Check in with your web host to see if they have recently introduced any security measures which might be blocking direct access to the 'config.php' file.

Since a few days, I have the " config file not found" without having done any modifications...

If things were working fine but now they are not (without you having done anything yourself), then this suggests that something may have changed on your web server so I'd certainly ask your web host if they have made any changes recently to your hosting account which might account for your problem. They should hopefully be able to shed some light on the issue.

With the new Box interface of WP, I even couldn't create any new gallery with Juicebox, the button had disapered.

With regard to not seeing an 'Add Juicebox Gallery' button, please see this forum post which might help.

Re: Juice box WP plugin: Config file not found [SOLVED]

Thanks for the very fast reply.
I only can get the 750 permissions for the folder, setting 755 is not able. do you think this is the problem?

Re: Juice box WP plugin: Config file not found [SOLVED]

I think it is unlikely that this is the root of your problem. If permissions of 750 on your 'wp-juicebox' folder were problematic, then I expect that the plugin would not function at all.
Having said that, checking and changing the folder permissions is certainly something I would try myself as part of a troubleshooting campaign (which is why I mentioned it) as it's a quick and easy thing to do and it might make a difference.

I notice that I can directly access other PHP files within the 'wp-juicebox' folder on your web server (just not the 'config.php' one which uses WordPress functions).
This suggests that the problem may not be server-specific but rather may lie somewhere within your WordPress installation.
Have you tried suggestion #3 from my post above (temporarily disabling all plugins other than WP-Juicebox to see if this helps)? Do you have any security plugins installed?
I would check this next (before delving further into server-specific areas).

Re: Juice box WP plugin: Config file not found [SOLVED]

I've changes my ftp client to be able to set the right permissions, but nothing changed.
After checking all the points you noticed, I have contacted my web host. And you're right the problem was at the web hosting. It's now solved.

Thank you for the fast and clear support!! :-)

I join the response of my web host support (in french). May be it can be usefull for you

Un pare-feu applicatif (WAF) a été mis en place sur la plateforme Web le 14 mai 2020 et une des règles (WebShell) bloquait l'accès direct depuis navigateur à certains fichiers sensibles tels que le fichier "config.php" car ils sont généralement appelés dans une include() ou un require() PHP sans passer par le navigateur coté client.

Sauf que votre site effectué une connexion Javascript (probablement via JQuery) sur ce fichier "config.php" en passant du côté client. Comme ce problème aurai pu se reproduire, j'ai ajusté la règle du WAF afin de ne plus bloquer l'accès aux fichiers "config.php".

Pour en savoir plus sur le WAF de FSH : … age-1.html

Merci de m'avoir signalé ce problème, il est maintenant résolu et désolée pour la gêne occasionnée.

Re: Juice box WP plugin: Config file not found [SOLVED]

I'm glad to hear that, with help from your web host, you've been able to resolve your problem. Thank you for taking the time to post back to let me know and thank you, also, for sharing your web host's reply.

Just for clarification, the 'config.php' file is called from within your gallery's JavaScript embedding code (in your HTML web page) and not via a PHP include() or require() function and this seems to have been the root of the problem with regard to your web server's security settings.

I'll mark this thread as [SOLVED].