Topic: Thumb Paging Text

I would like to show thumb paging text in my gallery, but when I select the option to showPagingText (set to true), it shows (as example) 1-4 indicating the number of thumb pages. I want to show the number of thumbnail images, ex: 1-57. Is this possible with a default setting?

Re: Thumb Paging Text

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the thumbnail paging text. It will always show the current thumbnail page number and the total number of thumbnail pages.
However, you can display the current image number and the total number of images by setting showImageNumber="TRUE" (in JuiceboxBuilder-Pro's 'Customize -> Caption' section).
The image number shows up as part of the caption area (at the top right corner) so you'll need to make sure that captionPosition is set to a value other than NONE.
You can see the image number being used in this demo gallery.
(You do not need to display image titles or captions. You can have only the image number in the caption area if you like.)