Topic: Issue with server configuration? Galleries not displaying on iphone

Seasons greetings!

Here is an example of a gallery on a client site It works as expected on my windows desktop and android phone, however the gallery won't open in Safari on iPhone (404 error)

Here is the same page on a development server as exported from the client site using All-in-one WP Migration the other day It has no such issues with iPhone etc

My belief is that the site has been working properly for many years but only recently has encountered problems after the webhost (Netregistry) upgraded their webservers.

So, something with the server configuration....................any ideas?

Re: Issue with server configuration? Galleries not displaying on iphone

When I view your website on my own iPhone, the gallery's Splash Page is displayed as expected (please see the Screen Modes support section for more details on the Splash Page) but when I click the Splash Page to expand the gallery, I see the error 404 that you reported.

When a gallery is expanded on an iOS device, the gallery is expanded on a new page instead of on top of the embedding page (please see the Expand Gallery Behavior support section) and Juicebox uses the 'full.html' file inside the gallery's 'jbcore' folder to display the gallery.
It looks like the 'full.html' page is not present on your web server when viewed on an iOS device (but the 'full.html' page can be seen on a desktop browser so it is clearly there).

The problem appears to be with access to files inside the 'wp-juicebox' folder when viewed on an iOS device.
If I try to view the 'readme.txt' file directly inside the plugin folder ('wp-juicebox/readme.txt'), I can do so from a desktop browser but not from an iOS device (I have tried my own iPhone) where another error 404 page is displayed.

If there was a problem with the file's permissions (too restrictive), I would have expected to see an error 403 rather than an error 404 page (and this should be consistent across browsers).

Try asking your web host why it is not possible to view this text file on your server from an iOS device: … readme.txt

If they can figure this out, then it should hopefully resolve your problem.

Things I would check and try myself:
(1) Check your web site's .htaccess files(s) for any device-specific rewrite rules.
(2) Check the permissions on the WP-Juicebox plugin's files and folders. (Default permissions of 644 for files and 755 for folders should be fine.)
(3) Make sure that everything (WordPress, WP-Juicebox and Juicebox-Pro itself) is up-to-date. I notice that you are using Juicebox-Pro v1.5.0. You might like to take this opportunity to upgrade to v1.5.1 as many bugs have been fixed since v1.5.0. Please see the Version History for details. Full instructions for downloading the latest version can be found on the Upgrading Juicebox support page and instructions for upgrading the WP-Juicebox plugin can be found on the plugin's own support page here. (I really do not think that upgrading Juicebox-Pro will resolve your problem but I reckon it is probably a worthwhile investment of 5 minutes of your time.)

I hope that my notes above help to point you in the right direction.
Please let me know how you get on. Thank you.

Re: Issue with server configuration? Galleries not displaying on iphone

Hi Steven

I have checked/tried 1, 2, and 3 from your suggestions without making progress.

I have been in contact many, many times with the web host (Netregistry) and they refuse to entertain the idea that the issue is with their server setup and insist that I should contact Apple, because it is a problem with iOS/browser (even though iOS/Safari renders the gallery just fine when the site is hosted with Zuver, the host I have my own server/test environment with).

So unfortunately, this remains unsolved and I am not inclined to spend any more time on it, rather I will tell the client he has to move web hosts and battle it out with Netregistry for a refund.

thanks for your attention!

Re: Issue with server configuration? Galleries not displaying on iphone

I'm sorry that you've not been able to resolve your problem.
It does seem to be some kind of server setup issue.
If I view the source of the gallery's web page in a browser and click on the 'src' attribute's value for any <script> tag, I should be able to see the contents of the file but, for every JavaScript file I've checked, the server just displays the site's error 404 (file not found) page.
Likewise, I cannot view the gallery's dynamically-generated XML data in isolation either. The same error 404 is returned. (This is in a desktop browser.)
It looks like the server might have some kind of hotlink protection for JavaScript and XML files (and possibly other file types) which could certainly be preventing the gallery from being displayed. If a browser cannot access a gallery-specific file directly, then Juicebox will not be able to see it either.
A change of web host might be the best course of action if the current host is unwilling or unable to help.