Topic: White pages shown on some galleries

Created four new galleries for my website.  Used the Juicebox Builder.  Locally all four work when uploaded three show up as white pages and the fourth works fine.
When using Firefox and the console view I can see on the 3 galleries that show up as white.  Have an error saying that the script "http ://******/jbcore/juicebox.js" was loaded even though its MIME type (“text/html”) is not a valid JavaScript MIME type.
Then have Loading failed for the <script> with the source "http ://******/jbcore/juicebox.js"

Have tried copying the juicebox.js file from the gallery that works and still get the error.
Tried viewing on Firefox, Edge and Chrome.

Could understand having either all working or all not working but 1 out of 4 working has me confused. 

Juicebox Pro V1.5.1 and latest version of Adobe Air.

Re: White pages shown on some galleries

It sounds like something may have happened during upload to break your galleries.
Check the 'Transfer type' (ASCII vs Binary) in your FTP program. (I use Filezilla and 'Auto' usually handles things fine.)
If your gallery files were uploaded as ASCII, then the JavaScript file might have ben broken during transfer.
Try reuploading everything as Binary to see if this helps.

Otherwise, please post a link to one of your galleries which does not work so that I can take a look at the problem for myself and hopefully help further.
If you do not want to post a link publicly, then please email me. (My email address can be found next to my username here in the forum, to the left of this post.)
Thank you.