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Topic: JuiceBox Pro charging estimate

Just got a JuiceBox Pro 40 for my BMW i3 today, got it set up and the 9apps.ind.in installed and charging my car for the first time, however the JuiceBox app seems to be giving me an estimated 100% charge time based on the presumption that my car was at 0% when I plugged it in.

My vehicle was at about 80% when I started and I have a vehicle estimate of about 2hrs to 100% but the app is estimating about 6 hours.

Does the car not give feedback to the charger?

Re: JuiceBox Pro charging estimate


This is a support forum for the Juicebox-Pro web gallery software from SimpleViewer Inc.

From your query, it sounds like you are referring to a 'JuiceBox' from eMotorWerks, a completely unrelated company to our own (although the product names are the same).

I do not know if they have a forum but you should be able to contact eMotorWerks directly via their online form here: https://emotorwerks.com/contact

I hope this points you in the right direction.