Topic: Flickering on IOS 12.3 [SOLVED]

After successful integration of Juicebox Pro  1.5.1 on IBM Domino server a have small issues on mobile devices running IOS 12.3 (Apple iPhone 8, iPhone7 etc.) After loading of the thumbnails by scrolling  the thumbnails flicker.The HTTP log shows that all thumbnails are fully reloaded by every scrolling. This happens by photo scrolling too - the photo flickers and then reloads again (according to the http log.). All configuration parameters in config.xml are set to default.
tested with Safari and  Chrome  on IOS 12.3
The problem does not  exist on any desktop browser on Windows (tested With Firefox, Chrome, Edge).

Please advise.

Re: Flickering on IOS 12.3 [SOLVED]

It sounds like your problem might be server-specific.
Do you see any flickering when you view this test gallery (on our own server):
I do not see any flickering when I view this test gallery and navigate between thumbnail pages or image pages on my own iOS 12.3 device.

Check your web server's cache control settings.
It sounds like your web server may be set to prevent browser caching which might account for the problem you describe.

Also check your gallery's embedding page for any meta tags which might prevent browser caching.

I hope this points you in the right direction.

Re: Flickering on IOS 12.3 [SOLVED]

Thank you for your quick reply. It was really a server side issue. The specific solution for Domino HTTP: … omino.html

Re: Flickering on IOS 12.3 [SOLVED]

I'm glad to hear that you've been able to resolve your problem.
Thank you for letting me know (and for sharing the link).