Topic: How to get custom text to work in captions

I want to add blank space in my caption for making it more readable.  ie. separating date followed by lat/long

Re: How to get custom text to work in captions

You can use HTML non-breaking spaces ( ) to separate text by multiple spaces.
For example, to separate the text abc and xyz by three spaces, then you can use an image title or caption such as abc   xyz.

You'll need to make sure that your image titles and captions are enclosed within CDATA tags (<![CDATA[ ... ]]>) when using HTML entities such as &nbsp; (to avoid breaking the syntax of the gallery's XML configuration file) but, as long as you use JuiceboxBuilder-Pro to enter your image titles and captions, this is not a problem (as JuiceboxBuilder-Pro automatically uses CDATA tags).

You can also use HTML line breaks (<br>) to separate an image title or caption into separate lines.
Please see the FAQ below for more information on HTML formatting within image titles and captions.
How do I add HTML formatting to image captions and titles?

I hope this helps.