Topic: Batch Processing [SOLVED]


I'm Peter from Germany - just bought this PRO version and built my first gallery with 305 images.

Programs button "images - titles and captions" are set to "use none", now I fill by hand the field "caption"

There are eg 10 images with the caption "My dog and I" and the next 5 with the caption "My cat and I":

Do I really have to fill each image caption manually, images ba images? Is there no batch processing?

That would  be a nightmare...

Thanks for help, appeciated,

regards Peter

Re: Batch Processing [SOLVED]

Unfortunately, JuiceboxBuilder-Pro does not allow for a certain caption to be applied to a selected group of images.

As far as I am aware, the only application which allows batch captioning is Showkase.
Showkase is a PHP web application (installed on your web server rather than your computer) which allows you to create a complete portfolio web site (integrating multiple galleries) online.
Showkase has full support for Juicebox-Pro and the galleries can be created within the application itself in a web browser interface (or created with JuiceboxBuilder-Pro and imported).

Also, you might like to consider embedding your captions within your images as IPTC metadata.
That way, the caption text will become part of the image file itself and wherever the image goes, the caption goes too.
JuiceboxBuilder has the ability to extract the IPTC Document Title as the image title and the IPTC Description as the image caption (so image titles and captions can quickly be set without any manual entry) via the 'Images -> Titles -> Use IPTC Title' and 'Images -> Captions -> Use IPTC Caption' options from the drop-down menu at the top.
You can add IPTC data to images (multiple images at once) in imaging programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.
I realise that this would be an extra step in your workflow (prior to using JuiceboxBuilder-Pro) but if every image has its own caption embedded within it, then all captions can be set quickly and easily in a single action.

Re: Batch Processing [SOLVED]

Hi Steven,

thanks for reply and suggestions You made..

I Tried Showkase and I still wirk with koken, that allows batch processing, too

At least Your suggestion concerning Lightroom will be an alternative, I guess (I use that program), so I will figure out Your workflow

After a while I will report on this!

Thanks for Your assistance,

best regards


Re: Batch Processing [SOLVED]

Hi Steven,

Just tried it with 2 images from my databank and switched over in Llghtroom Metadata from "Standard" and/or "EXIF" to "IPTC" and loaded both images int JuiceBox: Perfect, it works,

thanks again and see you,


Re: Batch Processing [SOLVED]

It sounds like you are batch processing images in Lightroom to add IPTC data (to add the same caption text to many images at once) and then using JuiceboxBuilder-Pro's IPTC extraction ('Images -> Captions -> Use IPTC Caption') to populate all image captions at once. (I hope I have that correct. It certainly sounds like the best course of action.)
I hope that the process of adding captions to your images as metadata does not take too long.
At least it has the benefit of always having the caption associated with the image and in the future, as long as you use programs that are capable of reading metadata, you will never have to manually type in the image's caption again!