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Hi, still learning!  Is all the image info kept in the config, and the img tags generated in the html just for show?  seems like it, as commenting them out doesn't make any difference.

Re: purpose of img tags generated

The <img> tags in the embedding code are primarily for Search Engine Optimization (to help search engines index the gallery images so that they appear in search results).
They also have an added function in that, if JavaScript is disabled in the user's browser and the Juicebox gallery cannot be initiated, the gallery images will still be displayed (in a vertical list, one below another).

Please see the Search Engine Optimization support section for further details.

Incidentally, the SEO Content Code will be generated within the gallery's embedding code only when the 'Add SEO Content' checkbox is selected in JuiceboxBuilder-Pro's 'Customize -> Sharing' section (selected by default).

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Re: purpose of img tags generated

Thanks very much Steven - does the same apply to my <H1> tag I put in within the juicebox div?

Re: purpose of img tags generated

Yes, everything between (and including) the <noscript> ... </noscript> tags is the SEO Content Code.
(The Gallery Title (from the 'Customize -> Lite' section) is included between the <h1> ... </h1> tags.)