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Topic: Video support?

Hi, Apologies if this is not the right area for feature requests. But would it be possible for juicebox to support videos in the galleries? Thanks a lot.

Re: Video support?

As far as I am aware, there are currently no plans to support videos but please post suggestions for future versions in the Feature Requests forum thread where they will be seen by the developers. Thanks!

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I put videos in my galleries built with JuiceBox Pro, with the following method:

1) I extract a photo from the video.
2) I write on it "VIDEO, please click in the rectangle at the right top corner" with GIMP for example.
3) In the "Images" screen, I select this photo.
4) In the "Link URL" field, I set the URL to my video (generally MP4 file).
5) In the "Link Target", I select "_blank" (default value).

The visitors seem happy with that, even on mobile smartphone.

Hoping it will help you.

Re: Video support?


That's certainly the best way to incorporate videos into a Juicebox gallery (to use a gallery image as a link to a corresponding video).
Thank you for sharing your technique!

For others wishing to try this, the linkURL (the link to the video) will be opened when the 'Open Image' button on the gallery's Button Bar is clicked (when setting showOpenButton="TRUE" in JuiceboxBuilder-Pro's 'Customize -> Lite' section) or when the main image itself is clicked (when setting imageClickMode="OPEN_URL" in JuiceboxBuilder-Pro's 'Customize -> Main Image' section).