Topic: Loading new Gallery but old one still shows up


Currently updating a current Gallery but for some reason the old one is not being updated.

I'm working on a copy of the webpage in question

please see original below

and working below … 0Copy.html

the working gallery should have 16 images but it keeps reverting to the older (original one)

i've cleared my cache and deleted the files etc.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards


Re: Loading new Gallery but old one still shows up

The first thing to note is that both of your web pages load the same gallery. (Both web pages are in the same directory and load the same embedding code.)
This might be your intention (to simply update the gallery on both pages) but I cannot be sure so I thought I should point this out in case it helps.

The 'config.xml' file for the gallery (displayed on both web pages) can be found here:
It contains only 6 <image> entries.

Maybe your FTP program is set to not replace existing files so when you upload the new 'config.xml' file (containing 16 images), the FTP program sees that there is already a 'config.xml' file on your web server and skips uploading the new version.
Make sure that your FTP program is set to overwrite existing files or delete the existing 'config.xml' file first, before uploading the new version in its place.

After uploading the new 'config.xml' file, clear your browser's cache and then view it directly in your browser (using the link above) to see what version it is.
If the file still shows 6 images instead of 16, then your web server may have some sort of server-side caching enabled.
Please check with your web host to see if they have server-side caching enabled on your hosting account and ask them how it can be disabled.

I hope my notes above point you in the right direction.