Topic: Aspect ratio of preview images in bottom bar not correct


I am trying to figure out, what the cause of the following problem could be: the preview images are not correclty depicted, as i start the juicebox application i included on my web page. See here: … auprojekte

Click for example on the project 'schlossberg 11, quedlinburg'.

Some of the images have a balck edge. I believe the standard setting is to fill the previe image with the referred imaged, taking the correct aspect ration into account.

What could be the reason?


Re: Aspect ratio of preview images in bottom bar not correct

The problem is caused by some custom CSS from your 'styles.css' file. On line 78, you have the following code:

img { 
    border: none;
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;
    width: 100%;

These CSS rules are being applied to all images on your web page (including those inside your Juicebox gallery).

If you remove this code (specifically the width: 100%; line), then the thumbnails in your Juicebox gallery should look correct.

A better option would be to apply your custom CSS rules to only those elements on your page which require them through te use of CSS selectors (classes and ids).

I hope this helps you to resolve your problem.