Topic: Juicebox lite only works on 1 out of 5 local Broswers

I'm changing from Simple view which was wonderful. I'm trying Juicebox and I get an error on Mac OS Sierra with Firefox (63.0.1) Just a blank white page , Safari (11.0.2)  Config file not found. and Brave (0.25.2) Can not display in this browser .  All of these are on a MBPro.  On another Macbook Air the gallery will open with only one broswer Firebox 59.0.2. With Safari (11.1) I get a config file not found.  I can't use this if it only works on 1 out of 5 browsers and if it has to be an older browser.  Thanks for any hints. Till then I will stand by and wait and see. Cheers...

Re: Juicebox lite only works on 1 out of 5 local Broswers

Unfortunately, due to certain browser security restrictions, Juicebox galleries cannot be viewed locally in all browsers.
Please see this FAQ for details:
When I view my gallery locally, I see the message "Juicebox can not display locally in this browser". Why?

This issue is specific to viewing galleries locally (from your computer's hard drive) and there is no such issue once the galleries have been uploaded to a web server (where they can be viewed in any modern browser).

If you encounter the "Config file not found." message whilst trying to view a gallery locally in Safari 11, then please see this forum post for a full explanation and a workaround.

Safari 11 (released 19 September 2017) introduced a security restriction which prevents local viewing of Juicebox galleries by default. Selecting 'Disable Local File Restrictions' from Safari 11's 'Develop' menu (full instructions in the link above) should, once again, allow you to view your galleries locally in Safari 11.

Juicebox galleries can be viewed locally in Safari (when using the tip in the link above) and also in Edge and Firefox (without any modification).