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Topic: Juicebox Error: Config file not found.


a little embarrassed, because I know from my search request, that this topic has been discussed and solved by others. But even though I feel, I understood the principles, I still cannot figre my issue out myself. So thank you in advance...

My problem seems to be the reference to the config file. For example, look at the link:

http://www.deutsches-fachwerkzentrum.de … auprojekte

Here you click onto the category Goldstraße 25, then onto the one gallery image displayed.

new juicebox ({
            baseUrl: 'scripts/juicebox_lite_1.5.1/',
            configUrl: 'oekologischesbauen_goldstrasse25.php',
            containerId: 'juicebox-container',
            galleryHeight: '100%',
            galleryWidth: '100%',
            backgroundColor: '#222222'

Any idea?

Thank you

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Re: Juicebox Error: Config file not found.

According to your gallery's embedding code, it looks like your gallery's configUrl file should be located here:
However, going directly to that location in a browser does not display the gallery's XML data.

Please check the location of your gallery's configUrl file ('oekologischesbauen_goldstrasse25.php') and make sure that it outputs the gallery's XML data in the correct format (and with valid XML syntax).

(The configUrl is relative to the baseUrl and the baseUrl is relative to the web page containing the embedding code.)

I hope this helps to resolve your problem.