Topic: Thumb dots on white background

With a white background I can't see the thumb dot corresponding to the current image because it is white also? Is there a way around this? I don't want thumb images and I could work without thumb dots also, but that doesn't seem possible either?

Re: Thumb dots on white background

You can set the colors for the thumbnail dots only in Juicebox-Pro (via the thumbDotColor and thumbDotHoverColor Color Options). Unfortunately, these options are not supported by Juicebox-Lite (the free version).

It would be possible to not use thumbnails at all by setting showThumbsOnLoad="FALSE" (for Large Screen Mode) and showSmallThumbsOnLoad="FALSE" (for Small Screen Mode) and disabling the Thumbnail Button by setting showThumbsButton="FALSE" and showSmallThumbsButton="FALSE") but, again, these Thumbnail Options are Pro only.