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Hi Steven,
After reading your comments on the SimpleViewer forum, I was thinking about migrating from SimpleViewer to Juicebox to avoid using Flash.
I've just downloaded the demo version of Juicebox, installed it, launched it, and ....... same issue as svBuider ! I can't create a new gallery, neither using the the "New Gallery" button, nor using the menu !
In french, we say : "je ne sais plus à quel saint me vouer" to express a deep confusion.

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For others reading this thread, here is MikefromFrance's thread in the SimpleViewer forum.

There certainly seems to be something unique to one of your PCs which is causing the problem (preventing the 'New Gallery' button from working in both JuiceboxBuilder and svBuilder).

Having tried everything else I suggested in the forum thread above, perhaps you could try one of the following.
(1) Create a new Administrator User Account and install JuiceboxBuilder (and/or svBuilder) there.
(2) Install an earlier version of Adobe AIR (from the Archived Adobe AIR page) as the problem seemed to happen after upgrading AIR.
(3) Temporarily turn User Account Control off. This should turn off Virtual Store and ensure that the application's files are being read from their actual location (rather than from a virtual location). I realise that both PCs have UAC turned on and the applications run fine on one PC and not the other but, in the absence of knowing exactly what is causing the problem, I would try anything I could think of that might make a difference.

These suggestions are potential workarounds rather than solutions but they might at least allow you to run JuiceboxBuilder and svBuilder on your PC.

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Hi Steven,
Following your suggestion, I created a new Admin account ; Juicebox was already available on that account, because when I installed it on the other Admin account I made it available for all users.
On this new account, JuiceboxBuilder launches normally ! I'm of course happy with that, but before upgrading to the pro version, I would like to understand the resasons.

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... I would like to understand the resasons.

I would, too. I do not know the cause of the problem but, knowing that it is somehow connected to the user profile, you could try Microsoft's instructions to Fix a corrupted user profile in Windows 7. This should hopefully allow you to continue to have just one user account (and have JuiceboxBuilder work under it). It might be worth a shot.

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Earlier I was also facing the same problem but now my problem is solved.:)

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I'm glad to hear that you've been able to resolve your problem.
Please feel free to share your solution so that other can benefit from your experience.
Thank you.