Topic: Juicebox Drupal only allows one image to upload

Hi, Just trying Juicebox for first time and am only allowed to add one image to the Gallery. Once one image is added we can only edit or delete the one image.
Any suggestions. We are on Drupal 7.

Re: Juicebox Drupal only allows one image to upload

If you are using the Juicebox module for Drupal, please note that the module is an unofficial plugin which was not written by ourselves, and as such, I am not overly familiar with its code, interface or inner workings.
However, the module is well supported by its author in the Drupal forum and I would highly recommend that you post your query over there where Ryan will see it and hopefully be able to help you further.
(Also, the module's online documentation might help.)

If you are not using the module, then please check out the Embedding in a Drupal Site instructions.
You can create a gallery with JuiceboxBuilder (easily adding images by dragging and dropping them on the application's 'Images' tab) and as long as you upload the complete gallery folder to you web server, then all your images should be displayed in the gallery.

I hope this points you in the right direction.