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Hi, I love your lite version.

The only thing preventing me from purchasing the pro version is your use of Fotomoto to sell prints. Their UK partner is ridiculously expensive. I can get the same prints from any number of other companies for a fraction of the price.

Can't you find an alternative to Fotomoto?

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As far as I am aware, there are currently no plans to change the Shopping Cart provider.

However, in a future version of Juicebox, we plan to allow users to associate a unique purchase URL to each individual image in the gallery.
If the main image being displayed has a purchase URL associated with it, then the Shopping Cart button will be displayed on the Button Bar and the user will be taken to the purchase URL when it is clicked.

This will not be a direct alternative to Fotomoto but it will certainly allow users more flexibility.

In the meantime, you could perhaps set up links to individual purchase pages (to whatever shopping cart solution you wish to use) from within your image titles or captions.

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That's great news and thanks for responding so quickly.

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Hi all,

Just found this post and though it is quite old I thought I would post some more information for you.

With Fotomoto, you have the option to choose whether or not you'd like us to fulfill your prints. As davewood mentioned we do have a partner lab in Germany where orders from Europe can be sent (less shipping than our lab in California), but if you have a preferred lab or want to fulfill the orders yourself, you can. For more information about how please see our  Print Fulfillment Options page, and if you have any questions, feel free to  email Fotomoto Support.

Thanks and kind regards,
The Fotomoto Team

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Many thanks for the additional information!

Incidentally, while new information is being added to this thread, support for purchase URLs (which I mentioned in my post above) was added to Juicebox-Pro in v1.4.0. Please see the Version History for a list of changes between versions and the Using Custom Purchase URLs support section for more information on the use of purchase URLs.