Topic: No images shown on IE Drupal 8

I'm currently testing the following page: … la-te-moen which shows the images fine on Chrome and FF but not IE, I've tested on IE 11.0.38.

The page only shows the noscript tag but nothing else. Has anyone here had the same issue?

Re: No images shown on IE Drupal 8

I see the problem in IE11 (the gallery not visible) but I do not see the content of the <noscript> tags (which would be a vertical list of images) so the problem does not seem to be a JavaScript related issue.
It looks like the gallery is probably working OK but the problem is that it is not visible on your web page (perhaps due to custom CSS or HTML errors on your web page).

I have checked your web page with the W3C Markup Validation Service and there are several HTML errors.
For example, your web page has 3 separate containers with id="menu-hoofdmenu". All ids on a web page should be unique. IE11 may not know which of these containers to apply #menu-hoofdmenu CSS rules to. You might expect it to apply #menu-hoofdmenu CSS rules to one (or all) of these containers but there is no telling how IE11 (or any other browser) will react to this.

Some browsers can be more tolerant towards HTML errors than others which might explain why your web page appears to be OK in some browsers but not others.
If you can fix the HTML errors on your web page, then it should be rendered with greater predictability and consistency across different browsers.
I do not know how much code on your web page is generated manually (or automatically by a theme) but trying a different theme might help.

I hope this points you in the right direction.

Re: No images shown on IE Drupal 8

I had the same problem. I began to think, what could be wrong, but so far I have not come to mind. This error can be due to misconfigured proxy server? Thanks in advance.

Re: No images shown on IE Drupal 8


If a gallery does not display on a web page, then the most likely probably causes are:
(1) Incorrect paths (or missing files), perhaps the 'juicebox.js' file or the 'config.xml' file.
(2) Custom CSS code which is affecting the visibility of the gallery. Check any custom CSS to make sure that the gallery's parent containers are visible (e.g. do not have zero height or have been removed from the DOM).

Please also see this FAQ for another possible cause (incorrect formatting for the gallery's embedding code).
When I view my gallery, I see a blank area. Why?

If you like, you could post the URL to your gallery's web page and I'll take a look to see if I can determine the cause of your problem. (I'll move your query into a new thread of its own.) Thank you.