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One more question.
I use back button URL to point to an additional document, so is it possible to add  target="blank" attribute in xml file? If so, how?

Re: back button [SOLVED]

The Back Button was designed for navigation within the same browser tab (like the browser's own back button).
However, there are a couple of things that you could do.

(1) Use the Gallery Title (instead of the Back Button) as a link using HTML formatting as noted in this FAQ.
How do I add HTML formatting to the Gallery Title or Back Button?
You could perhaps use a Gallery Title such as:

<a href="" target="_blank">Click here</a>

(2) You could dynamically add the target="_blank" attribute to the Back Button's <a> tag using JavaScript and the Juicebox-Pro API as follows. (The onInitComplete() method is used to ensure the .jb-go-back class is present in the DOM before the target="_blank" attribute is added.)

<script src="jbcore/juicebox.js"></script>
    var jb = new juicebox({
        containerId: 'juicebox-container',
        backButtonPosition: 'TOP',
        backButtonUrl: ''
    jb.onInitComplete = function() {
        $('.jb-go-back').children('a').first().attr('target', '_blank');
<div id="juicebox-container"></div>

Re: back button [SOLVED]

Great! The second method is the only I will implement, since I need Gallery Title for a different purpose.
Thank you.

Re: back button [SOLVED]

You're welcome!
I'm glad you've been able to implement one of my suggestions.