Topic: Image colors slightly faded

One of the first to jump on board with Juicebox. Very happy except for one small issue...

I am a professional photographer, so the image is everything. If I use either Auto or Large screen mode my images appear slightly washed out. If I compare the actual image files in the images folder to the same image files as they're being displayed in the gallery there is a distinct difference. This does not appear to happen in Small mode.

As I specialize in rather strong and dynamic color this is a significant issue for me, and has stopped me actually posting my new site until I can sort the problem out. Any answers/solutions?

Many thanks in anticipation.

Re: Image colors slightly faded

Do you have Small Screen Mode and Large Screen Mode sample galleries that I can compare side by side?
Also, on what platform and in what browsers do you see the differences?
I have created SSM and LSM galleries using my own images and have viewed both galleries side by side in Firefox 12, IE9 and Safari 5.1.7 (Windows PC) and cannot see a difference between the two.