Topic: External feeds for JuiceBox - SlideShowPro Director - ASP.NET4 ?

SlideShowPro Director is a very good image server IMHO: it's fast, robust, secure, private and cheap. Better than serving from Flickr/Picasa, I'd say. We've used it for six years and never had any issues at all. 

But the SlideShowPro player has very limited cross-platform abilities.  It's getting so as we can't use it any more. Juicebox could be our answer, except that its ability to use external feeds appears to us to be badly limited.

Has anyone managed to get JuiceBox to work with images served from SlideShowPro? 

I've seen a reference to this being tried in PHP at

Has anyone else used this approach successfully? 

Has anyone developed a similar solution for an ASP.NET4 site?  (That's what we really need.)

All suggestions gratefully received.