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Topic: Hide Thumbnails

Is there a way to hide the Thumbnails completely.
This would allow a controlled story line Forward and Reverse.

There is button selection to hide the Thumbnails - but I do not want the user to turn it back on.

My application - Show powerpoint presentations (actually Keynote)
I know there is a feature Export HTML & similar - but they are very limited. Some browsers do not like the navigation.

Thanks in advance

Re: Hide Thumbnails

Is there a way to hide the Thumbnails completely.

Yes. Set:


If creating or editing your gallery with JuiceboxBuilder-Pro, 'Show Small Thumbs' and 'Show Large Thumbs' can be found in the 'Customize -> Thumbnail' section and 'Show Thumbs Button' can be found in the 'Customize -> Lite' section.

Re: Hide Thumbnails

Thank you for the prompt reply -
I thought I tried that. It is typically something simple and obvious.

Well designed App.


Re: Hide Thumbnails

In Juicebox Lite, "Show Thumbs Button" does not get rid of the thumbs. It just gets rid of the ability for the user to turn off thumbs. By default, thumbs are always there. I do not see an option to remove them in Juicebox Lite.

Re: Hide Thumbnails

First of all, I should note that the information contained in this thread is now out of date.
In Juicebox v1.3.0 (released 16 April 2013), thumbnail configuration options were changed to:
showThumbsButton (Lite & Pro)
showThumbsOnLoad (Pro only)
showSmallThumbsButton (Pro only)
showSmallThumbsOnLoad (Pro only)
(This is noted in the Version history page.)

showThumbsButton still applies to Juicebox-Lite as it did before (the option to display the Thumbnail Button on the gallery's Button Bar to allow the user to toggle the thumbnails on and off) but the only way to completely disable thumbnails is to use Juicebox-Pro and to set the following options: