Topic: can I use my own thumbnails?

I have a gallery of photos that have white borders.  When Juicebox generates thumbnails for them, you can see the side or top borders on the thumbnails, and the thumbnail gallery looks sort of odd/cluttered as a result.

I created thumbnail images that don't have borders and put them in the Thumbnails folder, deleting the ones that Juicebox created. However, if I hit Publish, Juicebox generates its own thumbnails and replaces mine. Is there a way to tell  Juicebox not to replace the thumbnails in the Thumbnails folder? thanks!

Re: can I use my own thumbnails?

There is no way to have JuiceboxBuilder-Pro not generate thumbnails. You would need to swap those generated by JuiceboxBuilder-Pro with your own after the gallery has been created.

Re: can I use my own thumbnails?

Thanks for the prompt response!