Topic: JBCORE as common files?

Is it possible to have only one instance of the "jbcore" files? As I have a lot of Juicebox Albums on my web site, it seems a waste to have an instance of these files on every album. Can we some how point to one instance of these core files?

Re: JBCORE as common files?

Yes. Please see the following link for details: Using an External jbcore Folder

Essentially, you can upload a single instance of the 'jbcore' folder to anywhere you like on your web server and then load the 'juicebox.js' file from within this folder at the start of each gallery's embedding code. (Details are in the link above.)

This has the added advantage of allowing you to upgrade all your galleries at once (when new versions of Juicebox are released) by just replacing a single 'jbcore' folder.