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Topic: Gallery overlaying Navbar

I have been using JBPro for many years and have now put the galleries into my web pages.

I have a problem with the Gallery overlaying the Navbars on my pages.

Here is an example - https://www.bda4sale.com/slideshows/ba.html

I have read the posts on Navbars in the forum - but they don't seem to solve the issue.

Any help in rectifying this would be great!

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Gallery overlaying Navbar

Solved thanks!!

Re: Gallery overlaying Navbar

I'm glad that you've been able to resolve your problem. Thank you for posting back to let me know. It's most appreciated!

To answer your other question (from your PDF file)...

On Mobile the Gallery Title disappears?

When a Juicebox gallery is displayed in Small Screen Mode (e.g. when screenMode="AUTO" and the gallery is viewed on a mobile device or when screenMode="SMALL"), the Gallery Title is displayed on the thumbnail page (above the thumbnails) rather than on the main image pages.
More information about Screen Modes can be found in the Gallery Tour here.

Incidentally, your gallery's web page has a few HTML errors (including incorrect positioning of <head> and <body> tags) which should ideally be fixed.
Each browser will have its own way of dealing with HTML errors (some may be more tolerant towards HTML errors than others) and this may result in inconsistencies in how different browsers render your web page.
I'd recommend that you check your web page for errors using the online W3C Markup Validation service and then fix the errors reported.
Once the HTML code on your web page validates correctly, it should be displayed with greater consistency and predictability across different browsers.