Topic: Copying configuration options from one gallery to another

To quickly and easily copy configuration options from one gallery to another, you can create a preset (noted in the JuiceboxBuilder User Guide) from the original gallery and apply the preset to a new gallery.

(1) Open the original gallery in JuiceboxBuilder.
(2) Save the gallery's configuration options as a preset file (select 'Presets -> Save Preset...' from the drop-down menu at the top of the application).
(3) Open or create a new gallery in JuiceboxBuilder.
(4) Load the preset file ( 'Presets -> Load Preset...' ) to apply the configuration options stored in the preset file to the gallery.
(5) Save the gallery on the 'Publish' tab.

Those who are confident manually editing files can simply copy and paste the configuration options from one gallery's 'config.xml' file to another. (Configuration options are stored as attributes to the opening <juiceboxgallery> tag.)