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Topic: iPhone and Desktop thumbnail rendering discrepancy [SOLVED]

I have a JuiceboxPro gallery embedded in an HTML responsive grid website page. In the thumbnail options in the config file, I have specified

When this page is rendered on a desktop or laptop, all appears as desired, even when the viewport is shrunk to about 300px wide. When the Firefox window iPhone simulation is engaged, the situation gets very confusing as sometimes it just shows the same as the shrunk window, and sometimes it shows as the image below, which is what we see when viewed on an iPhone.

But on an iPhone 8-Plus, the page renders as a  set of 8 thumbnails that have active links that open the respective images in the proper viewport-sized window.

What I am looking for is a single row of thumbnail above the display image for the selected thumb. That is what I get on the desktop, but not on the iPhone.

This can be seen on the site: http://www.lesmithart.com/_Category_Set … asian.html

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Re: iPhone and Desktop thumbnail rendering discrepancy [SOLVED]

OK, I found what I want from another post. Namely, the use of the
screenMode="LARGE" option in the config file.

Sorry for the trouble.

Re: iPhone and Desktop thumbnail rendering discrepancy [SOLVED]

I'm glad that you've found what you were looking for.
Thank you for letting me know.

For others reading this thread and wanting to know more about Screen Modes (Large vs Small) and how Juicebox adapts to different devices and screen sizes, please see the Gallery Tour here.