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Topic: Captions not issued [SOLVED]

Hi there,

after a while I started to include IPTC captions to a range of images at


I worked in Lightroom. saved the metadata within the images and copied them to the already existing juicebox gallery into the respective folder "images"

Started Juicebox and loaded this gallery, all captions are shown correctly within the IPTC line. Saved the gallery and copied the config.xml and the index.html to corresponding folder on the website server.

Unfortunately, no captions are to be seen below the images, rightclick of the servers config.xml displays all captions correct.

Juicebox's "View in browser" works correct - all captions available

What happens? I have no idea anymore..

regards Peter

PS: please close thread - browser needed to be closed completely and reopened again, no wonder.....

Re: Captions not issued [SOLVED]

I'm glad that you've been able to resolve your problem.
Thank you for letting me know.

Browser caching can sometimes be a hindrance to development but it is rarely a problem that visitors to your website will encounter, as noted in the following FAQ:
When I update my gallery I don't see my changes online. Why?