Topic: Juicebox quits before starting

I use a Mac mini running

Mojave 10.14.3
3GH Intel Core i7
8GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Juicebox Pro 1.5.1

Adobe Air 32

I have been using Juicebox Pro successfully for the past 2 years having upgraded from Simple-Viewr Pro

I tried to update my gallery yesterday

Juicebox Pro prompted me to install Adobe Air.
I installed Adobe Air and agreed to its terms and conditions and received a message confirming that it had been installed successfully

I restarted the computer

I then tried to start Juicebox Pro again. It triggered the Adobe Air Licence Agreement window again. I clicked the confirm Box again. At this point both the Adobe Air and the Juicebox quit without any further information or error messages.

I have uninstalled both software twice and there is still exactly the same problem.

I have performed the same operation with the computer off-line, online, all other drives detached, all other drives attached. The problem is consistently persistent.

The second problem I seem to be facing is that I submitted this problem to the Forum last night and the night before at least three times but there is no trace of it anywhere.

I am now submitting it using Google Chrome rather than Safari.

Can you please help?

Thank you.


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Re: Juicebox quits before starting

Just a little update on my own query

Here is an update on my problem.

As evident from these posts I have successfully submitted the post to the forum through Google Chrome. So there is an obvious clash between Safari and the Jukebox Forum.

But the main problem is still there:

Problem Summary:
Starting Juicebox triggers the the Adobe Air Licence Agreement Window while Adobe Air has been installed successfully already.
Clicking the I Agree button in the Adobe Air window causes both apps to quit almost instantly.

Steps taken so far:
I have deleted all traces of Juicebox and Adobe Air from my computer
I have disconnected all back up drives
I have even disconnected from the web
I have checked all security is off

I have then installed both the Adobe Air and  JuiceboxPro

Still exactly the same problem.

The steps above have been repeated twice. The same problem has been repeated.

Thank you for your help and time

Re: Juicebox quits before starting

So there is an obvious clash between Safari and the Jukebox Forum.

No-one else has reported any issues with the forum when using Safari. Do you maybe have any browser extensions installed which might be interfering with things? If you do have any browser extensions installed, then try temporarily disabling them to see if this makes a difference. Don't worry about creating a couple of test posts. I can delete them later.

If anyone reading this thread uses Safari and has experienced any issues with the forum, please let me know in this thread (post using a different browser if necessary). Thank you.

Juicebox quits before starting

For anyone else reading this thread, here are the suggestions I have already made to the original poster via email:

(1) Try uninstalling and then reinstalling JuiceboxBuilder-Pro but, before reinstalling the application, please delete the following files and folders manually to make sure that there is nothing left behind from previous installations.

  • /Applications/

  • /Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/ELS/JuiceboxBuilder-Pro

  • /Users/Username/Library/Preferences/JuiceboxBuilder-Pro

(2) If you have any security software installed, the try temporarily disabling it (whilst both installing and running JuiceboxBuilder-Pro) to make sure that it is not somehow interfering with the application.
I would not normally recommend disabling security software but disabling it temporarily may be a useful step in troubleshooting your problem. Please do so at your own risk and disconnect from the internet before doing so.

I'm sorry to hear that neither of these suggestions has helped.
It sounds like you might have an underlying problem with Adobe AIR on your system.
To try to narrow down possible causes, try installing and running a different Adobe AIR application to see if the same problem occurs.
You can download some sample AIR applications from here: … cript.html

If you find that the problem happens with all AIR applications, then the problem is with Adobe AIR itself (rather than with JuiceboxBuilder-Pro). If this is the case then it might be helpful to post in the Adobe AIR forum:

I realise that this will not directly solve your problem but it might help to point you in the right direction.
Please let me know how you get on.

Edit #1:
Incidentally, I have found these two unanswered queries in the Adobe AIR forum which seem to accurately describe the problem that you are experiencing. (It is unlikely that either of the posters were using JuiceboxBuilder-Pro so I expect that the problem is an Adobe AIR issue of some kind.)

Maybe posting in the Adobe AIR forum is, indeed, the best course of action.

Edit #2:
Try creating a new user account on your computer and then try installing JuiceboxBuilder-Pro under the new user account to see if this works. Maybe there's something strange going on with your current user account.

I hope my notes above help to some degree.

Re: Juicebox quits before starting

Hi Steven

Thank you fr taking the time to respond. The two links to issues with Adobe Air seem to be exactly what is happening to JuiceBoxPro.
In fact when I try to uninstall Adobe Air it comes up with a warning that it is used by Juicebox Pro.
I'll try Adobe Air as that seems to be the culprit.
It's interesting that no one from Adobe ever responded to those two posts.

Is there any possibility to move away from the Adobe all together?

Best wishes and thank you again


Re: Juicebox quits before starting

There are certainly other methods of creating Juicebox galleries which do not require Adobe AIR, many of which use plugins for other programs (such as Lightroom or Photoshop). Please see the Juicebox Plugins support page for details.

You can also create a gallery manually using the sample 'web' gallery (from the Juicebox-Pro download zip package) as a template. Instructions can be found here.

I still think it would be worth trying to install and run JuiceboxBuilder-Pro under a fresh user account to see if this works.
Logging in as a different user just to run JuiceboxBuilder-Pro (if it works) might not be ideal but it might allow you to continue to use the application without having to switch your method of gallery creation entirely.